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Kristin Moser's Classroom: Homework & Links

Partnering with Parents to Enrich the Student Learning Experience


ST Math: Students are held accountable to complete ST Math cones aligned to each mathematics module. Students may only take an ST Math quiz at school, as they are expected to record the quiz in their recording sheet packet which is stored in their math folder in their desk. If a student gets to a quiz at home, they may "play the green" (previous games) or do 10 minutes of fluency practice

Eureka Math: Homework pages will be assigned on some (but not all) school nights. Please check out the Eureka Parent Tip Sheets to help with with homework.

Reading: Students are invited to read or listen to any text they would like to count towards their 40-book challenge. Engaging with an interesting and appropriately challenging text for about a 20 minutes every night is intended to support a life-long culture of literacy through enjoyment.

Morning Study HallsStudents may come to school early for a "study hall" on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays starting at 8:15. They must stop by the office and ask permission to come upstairs first. Students will have access to their devices then. Please note: this is independent working time and while a teacher will be in the classroom, students will not be offered coaching

ST math

ST Math is a spatial temporal math "game" that aligns to our math curriculum!

Google Classroom

Students will be reviewing and completing a variety of assignments on our Google Classroom account.


Curriculum Links