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Mrs. Moldoff's Musical Moments: First Grade

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Here is what's happening in First Grade Music

I would like to share with you a list of musical skills and concepts taught throughout the school year which include responding to music, creating music, performing music and connecting music to ourselves and the world around us.

September/October - Introductory songs, movement and games, singing voice vs. speaking voice, tempo (speed of music) - Presto and Largo - Fast and Slow music, Patriotic songs and an introductory  singing in tune, using a system known as solfege. Classical pieces of music including "The Flight of the Bumblebee" and "Brahms Lullaby, " will also be studied.

November/December - Continue activities from the beginning of the year, add dynamics (volume of music) - Forte and Piano - Loud and Soft, Fortissimo and Pianissimo - Very Loud and Very Soft, and Crescendo and Decrescendo - Gradually Louder and Gradually Softer, Seasonal Holiday songs and activities.

January/February - Nursery Rhyme integration with singing, movement, drama and rhythm.  Introduction to reading, writing, performing and composing rhythm.

March/April - Vocal singing technique, singing assessment - pitch, singing in tune with the piano, posture and volume, a continuation of rhythm using bucket drums and lummi sticks to perform rhythms, introduction to instruments of the orchestra and their families.

May/June - Pitch - high and low as pitches relate to the music scale, solfege syllables to sing pitches, introduction to jazz music through singing and movement, revisit rhythm, dynamics, and tempo, Memorial Day songs.