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Mrs. Moldoff's Musical Moments: Second Grade

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Here is what's happening in Second Grade Music

I would like to share with you a list of musical skills and concepts taught throughout the school year which include responding to music, creating music, performing music and connecting music to ourselves and the world around us.

September/October - Introductory songs including patriotic song, review of tempo (fast - presto and slow - largo),dynamics (soft and loud/piano and forte, and other dynamic markings seen and heard in music, a review of rhythm  using "Du and Du De" for quarter notes and rests, paired eighth notes, half notes and whole note rhythm patterns,  reading, clapping, performing and creating rhythms, Vivaldi - "The Four Seasons" - a study of tone color, audience behavior, instrument recognition, and connecting the piece to the season of Autumn.

November/December - Holiday singing and musical activities, begin reading notes on the treble clef music staff.

January/February - Vivaldi's "Four Seasons"- Winter - integrate poetry with tone color, dynamics - the study of how dynamics/volume is used in reading, creating and performing music.

March/April - Vocal singing techniques, singing assessment - pitch, singing in tune with the piano, posture and volume, instruments of the orchestra and their families

May/June - Review solfege pitches on the music scale, continue jazz history from first grade, review rhythm and note reading, Memorial Day songs.