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Mrs. Moldoff's Musical Moments: Fifth Grade

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Here is what's happening in Fifth Grade Music

I would like to share with you a list of musical skills and concepts taught throughout the school year which include responding to music, creating music, performing music and connecting music to ourselves and the world around us.

September/October - Introductory singing to encourage vocal technique, treble clef note reading review, rhythm reading review, creating compositions that include rhythmic notation from harmonic chords (groups so 3 notes from the music scale grouped together as a triad chord) and treble clef notation melodies performed on boomwhackers and/or recorders and through the computer.   

November/December - How has music changed through history and why?  We will study the history and music of famous composers - Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. As a final assessment for this unit of study, students will create group slide shows featuring one of the composers.  The slide show will inform us about the era that composer lived in, the compose's" personality, important pieces of music the composer created, and what musical contributions this composer gave to our world of music.

January/February - The Beatles and the 60's decade of music! What have we learned from their music today (in depth study of their music/songs)? How has music changed through history? Music technology - history from the invention of the phonograph to the use of "bluetooth" - the changes in the way we listen to music throughout history, the birth of technology and how it is used in the music industry today.

March/April - Beatles project - Creating Beatles album covers to illustrate a favorite Beatles song.  Album must include 3 facts about the Beatles and 3 facts about the 1960's. Text rendering - responding to the lyrics of a song through the creation of a poem to show an understanding of that particular song.

May/June - The return of the recorders - extending our range of notes, prepare songs and poems for Memorial Day Observance.