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Bears: Science

Woodbury Grade 6 Team Site

Integrated Science

Welcome to integrated science on team Bears! 

Science at Woodbury School has become integrated! This means that each year your student will be exposed to science content within each discipline of science. The disciplines of science are: Physical, Life, and Earth and Space. 

In sixth grade, we will be coving the following topics throughout the year:

                                        Microbiomes                                Traits & Reproduction                 Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate

                                        Metabolism                                   Thermal Energy                         Weather Patterns

                                       Changing Climate


Interactive Science Notebook

Using Interactive Science Notebooks, your student will be able to effectively communicate their ideas to their peers and to me! Inside their Interactive Science Notebook students will record observations, create labeled drawings, write and draw about their own thinking process, create graphs, analyze data through writing, and have the opportunity to look back at what they learned and change their ideas as they continue to evolve their science understanding! 

Amplify Science

Students can access their Amplify Account by logging into a Chrome web browser with their Salem School District username and password. This will then bring up all their bookmarks. Amplify should be in the bookmark bar at the top of the screen. If students did not bookmark Amplify during class instruction they can go to their Google Classroom page to find the specific link for Salem School District Amplify. 

Class Expectations

Science Class Expectations!

Come to class:

  • Willing to learn
  • With a pencil, binder, & interactive notebook
  • Willing to work as a team
  • To solve problems
  • Participate in class

Standards Based Grading

Competencies for Quarter 1

Molecules to Organisms

                   Structure and Function

                   Organization for matter and flow in organisms

                   Information Processing


                   Interdependent Relationships within Ecosystems


                 Energy in Chemical Processes and Everyday Life

Science Practices

           Asking Questions, Developing Models, Investigating, Analyzing Data, Constructing Explanations, Engaging in Argumentation from      Evidence, Communicating Information

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a place where you can go to look at assignments, get further instructions on an assignment, and to watch videos for upcoming classes. 

Sometimes you will be asked to respond to posts in Google Classroom as an assignment. Please be sure to check Google Classroom frequently. 

If you do not have access to the Internet at home you can access Google Classroom before school starts (see Ms. Kish for a pass the day before), during directed study, lunch, and after school (please make arrangement for after school ahead of time). 

Cool Science!