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Bears: Math

Woodbury Grade 6 Team Site

Welcome to Team Bears Math!

Ms. Saylor's Contact:


Phone; 603-893-7055 ext. 3106

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Math Topics

· Factors and Multiples

· Understanding Fraction Operations

· Ratios, Rational Numbers and Equivalence

· Two Dimensional Measurement

· Computing with Decimals and Percents

· Focus on Algebra

· Statistics and Data Analysis


Classroom Expectations

Don't Forget your 5 P's 

1. Be Prompt

2. Be Prepared 

3. Be Positive

4. Be Productive

5. Be Polite

Classroom Information

Late Work: All work should be completed and turned in on time. All work is due within the unit of study. Any late work not completed in the unit of study will be granted a 50%.

Absent Work: If you are out you need to check your assigned absent bin and turn in by however many days absent.

Please don't bring...

  • Fidget spinners or toys unless otherwise communicated.
  • Phones are to be left in the locker or put somewhere where it will not be a distraction. If they are seen in my class they will be taken.
  • Cell phones are able to be used during lunch time or during class if the activity permits. 

Homework: Homework will not be given on a nightly basis. Homework will be assigned if it seems extra practice seems necessary. Most homework in my class is unfinished classwork. Each week students may have an online assessment that is completed through MathXL, however, students will have plenty opportunity to finish this during DS at school. 


Math XL Login

Math XL is a program new to incoming 6th graders. It is an online tool that can be accessed at home. In my class, we use it for pre assessing a unit and also practice that might be given on a weekly basis. 

Login Information: 

username: iReady login + XL       password: student1

ex.  username: MS123456XL       password: student1


Attached is the link for MathXl for Schools website. From there you should click on sign in to get into the site. 

Important Documents

Retake Policy:

You may be eligible to retake a summative assessment (test, quiz, or project) in order to improve your score. You need to do the following:

1. Have a conference with me and fill out a Request to Retest form.

2. Have parent/guardian sign form and correct/fix all mistakes.

3. Bring evidence of corrections to me and schedule a time to retake assessment. 


Competency Based Grading