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Hawks: Math

Woodbury Grade 6 Team Site

Mr. Hutchinson's Math Class:

What Students Need:

1.  A Growth Mindset- This is a willingness to accept that you can learn, even if you are having difficulty.

2.  Pencils- They erase!  It's okay to make mistakes.  Your brain increases in brain cells when you do!

3.  Math Binder - Place math papers there and be sure to use labeled tabs to put those papers in the right place. (We'll give you one)

4.  Daily Planner - Bring this to every class to record your assignments and upcoming assessments. (We'll give you one of these, too)


Students may re-take any assessment by following these guidelines: 

1. Parent Signature

2.  Error Analysis/Resolution Form filled out

3.  All related homework is up to date

4.  Meet with the teacher

(Before school, after school and during Directed Study; 

Remember that the higher the assessment score the less time you need to work with the teacher AND don't rely on just DS time if you score lower than a "C"

*This must all be completed within 2 weeks (unless there are less than 2 weeks left in the quarter)*

Extra Help

I'm available:  

1.  Each morning at 6:50 a.m. until 7:20 a.m., except when I have Bus Duty (Every 6 weeks).  Come even if I'm not expecting you!  

2.  Every Directed Study: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 9:02 to 9:32 a.m. (Since this is the most convenient choice, it is often the most populated time.)

3.  After school; BUT please check with me as to what days I'm afterschool.  I typically post them on the white board outside my classroom and on the Homework Listings on the Hawks Team page.


I use a total point system where summative assessments such as quizzes, partner quizzes, graded worksheets are worth 100 points , while a test would be worth 200 points.  Formative assessments such as Check -Ins or Exit Slips would be only worth 50 points.  Homework is not part of my grading process, although it is posted on Infinite Campus as completed or not.  "3" means completed and on time. "0" means that it was not not handed in on time.  "0" or finished on time.  A late assignment will always remain a "0" because once it's late, it is always stays marked as late. A blank space means that is missing.  These are not numbers that I compute as part of their quarterly or final average.

Grade 6 Math Units

Unit 1:  Factors and Multiples

Unit 2: Fraction Operations

Unit 3: Ratios, Rational Numbers and Equivalence

Unit 4: Two-Dimensional Measurement

Unit 5: Decimal Operations

Unit 6: Variables and Patterns

Unit 7:  Data and Statistics