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Owl Humor

Where does Harry Potter's owl, Hedwig, like to shop?

-Diagon Owlley


What do owls say on October 31st?

Happy Owl-ween!!!!!! - Courtesey of DeAnna Gasbarro


Why do owls get invited to parties?

-Because they’re a HOOT!!!!!!

I found a babysitter who works in an owl costume

-She's a Hootin'-Nanny!!!!!!


What's an owl's favorite Beatles song?

-Owl You Need Is Love!!!!!!


What do you call an owl dressed in armor?

-A knight owl!!!!!!


What kind of books do owls read?



What is a Barn Owl's favorite subject?



Knock, knock.

"Who's there?"


"Owl who?"

Owl be seeing you!!!!!!


What do you call a Magical Owl?



-What do you call an owl that does boxing?

-Muhammad OWLEE!!!!!!


Why did the owl invite all his friends over?

-Because he didn't want to be owl alone!!!!!!