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Owls: ELA

Woodbury Grade 6 Team Site

     My name is M.Coleen Driscoll Simari.  I have been teaching here at Woodbury for 30 years!!  I do love my job!!  In class we will be doing lots of reading and writing. The students will be challenged to read and write better as we move through this year.  It is so important to me that my students are respectful, honest and diligent in the classroom.

     Something to think about:

                 Nothing is as powerful as the moment a person learns something on his own!  

Class Materials

Materials needed for class each day:

* 3 subject notebook

*3 ring binder

* pen or pencil

* homework that is due

*** Independent Reading Material

   Materials were provided at the start of school.

Classroom Expectations

The students are expected to follow all school and team rules.  Failure to follow these rules and expectations may result in a warning, lunch detention, after school detention, parent contact, or an office referral to administration.

Education is never a waste of time, so we must not waste the time we have in class!! 


*60% Summative assessments-- (major writing assignments/projects)

*30% Formative assessments---( classwork, skill sheets, journal work)

*10% Homework---( think marks, minor writing assignments,practice assignments)

When checking homework on completion.

      Check+ = 100% complete

      Check = partially completed

      Check- = halfway complete


What we will cover this year in ELA.  We will be doing A LOT of reading and writing in class!!  We will be using the workshop model in class and we will improve student literacy and writing!!

Favorite Novels

Units of Study

Reading and Writing Units of Study

* Narrative Writing and Reading

* Argument Writing and Reading

* Informational Writing and Reading


It is the student's responsibility to gather missed handouts and assignments from the Absent Folder in the back of the classroom and check with me about the classwork that they missed when out. The homework is also written on the white board and is also on the Owl Team Website.


Scholastic Book Orders-- I will give out book orders throughout the year.  You can order through me or online.

Thank you for supporting the love of books!!

Online Order # LD27Q