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Owls: Science

Woodbury Grade 6 Team Site



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Welcome to the Owls 6th Grade Science page

My name is Stephanie Hamel

My contact information is

Science homework is listed on the Owls homepage

Class materials needed: Pencils. Our science notebooks stay in the classroom. Your student has access to a cubby in the classroom to store folders, papers, and writing utensils. 

Class curriculum: The students will use the Amplify Program to access their lessons throughout the year. To login to Amplify, students should travel to this link, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Amplify Science. Next students should click login with google, and use their school email address and password. Amplify works best with the google chrome browser and will not work at all with internet explorer. 

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Google  Classroom:

Occasionally, I will post an assignment or classwork activity to my google classroom page. Students may be asked to submit work to this page. To do this, they must click the assignment and then on the next page on the top right hand side, they will see a button that says create  new. They must attach the document from their google drive before submitting the work,  otherwise they will submit a blank document. When  in doubt, anything can be printed and turned in as a hard  copy in the classroom. Sometimes I will even specifically ask that assignments are turned in this way. Students are not expected to print at home. They can print at school during class or directed study hall. 


Amplify Articles to Annotate:

Frequently, students will be asked to annotate an article from Amplify. If they ask, I ca print a hard copy at school, but they don't need a hard copy to do this assignment. They can navigate to the amplify library in amplify. To get  there, they must click the three horizontal lines symbol on the top left, then select amplify library. There is a search bar where they can search for the name of the article. Amplify allows them to annotate an article electronically. It will save the annotations also. When I ask for annotations, I expect to see several different kinds of annotations. Examples are, highlighting key passages, commenting to ask  questions, commenting to define a word that they don't understand, restating difficult paragraphs in their own words, and making connections to class or other experiences.



If you have any other questions, please reach out!


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Quotes from Dumbledore

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Please Join Us at the P.O.W.E.R. Game Club

This is run by myself and Mr. Croteau on Tuesdays until 3:15. Check the P.O.W.E.R. sign up windows, we will keep  the club going as long as we can!


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