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Beech: Social Studies

Woodbury Grade 7 Team Site

Social Studies Mission Statement

Welcome to Team Beech Social Studies!!

Hello, and welcome to 7th Grade Team Beech Social Studies with Mr. Garland... well, sort of. With the current situation dealing with Covid, I am currently covering 8th grade social studies on team Washington. I am still teaching one section of Seventh grade Social Studies, but am not an official member of Team Beech at the moment. This Libguide will provide a quick look into the class curriculum and policies. I will also be managing a Google Classroom which will be best to follow to remain current with postings and assignments. 




General Information

Contact Information:

Seth Garland

Phone - 893 - 7055

Email - 

Team website -


Grading Policy:

Woodbury’s grading policy has shifted to a competency based report card system – well, sort of. Instead of receiving scores like 92% or 76% on assessments, you will receive a letter indicating your academic performance level [Don’t worry, I’ll explain this more…]. The idea is to gage whether or not you met the standards for a particular skill or content knowledge. For report cards, your performance level will still translate to a letter grade. Again, we’ll talk more about this.


Extra Help:

If you are ever in need of extra help with an assignment*, need some study pointers, or just plain need to talk, I'll be in room 202 [or somewhere close by]. You can stop by before or after school, or during DS, I'm always here to help, so let me know.

*For a homework assignment, you can try emailing me your question, and If I check my mail, I'll get back to you that night. I can't promise anything though, as I don't always get to my mail during the evening.



  • Pencil or blue/black ink pen [no other colors, please]
  • Three ring binder with a designated SS section OR  a folder exclusively for SS class
  • Notebook exclusively for SS class

* I provide just about every other school supply imaginable  

NO textbook will be issued, as we will use classroom sets when necessary



Grade 7: World Religions and European History Through 1600

In Grade 7, students focus on the development of Western Culture and history beginning with an overview of the Abrahamic Religions, the growth and development of the Islamic World, a study of Europe after the Fall of Rome and into the Middle Ages, and culminating with a study of the Cultural, Political, and Religious shifts of the Renaissance and Protestant Reformation.  Students contend with questions such as the following: “How do belief systems influence the behavior of individuals?”, “What happens when Empires collapse or collide?”, “What causes the establishment and destruction of social/political systems?”, and “How does material culture demonstrate the values/understandings of a culture or society?”.