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Oak: Science

Woodbury Grade 7 Team Site

Welcome to Oak Science!

Welcome to Science for the 19-20 school year!  This is where you will find information about our current unit, helpful links to sites or paperwork, and important class information.  

Some exciting changes have happened to Woodbury's science program since last year.  We have been working hard, and science is now integrated.  This means that instead of learning all about one branch of science for the year, we will be covering a some life science, some earth and space science, and some physical science!

This year, we will be using the AMPLIFY program as a primary resource.  You all have accounts that you can use to log in and access the program.  Please use the following link and then log in using your Google account.

Click here to get to amplify!

Please see each tab in this science section for more specific information and important documents / links by unit.

Current Unit:  Phase Change

About Me

My name is Michelle St. Amand, and I am starting my 18th year of teaching Science at Woodbury.  Time has gone SO fast-  I can't believe it has been that long!  I have taught all 3 grades, and even taught ELA during my time here.  Seventh grade is my favorite grade to teach, and I am very excited to teach you this year!   On a personal note, I lived in Salem most of my life.  I went to St. Joseph's through the 8th grade, then moved on to Salem High School.  I may have known some of your parents!  I now live in Londonderry with my husband, my stepson, and 2 toddler sons.  

I hope to have a great year.  Let's all try our best every day and I think we can do it!

Science Units

Our Amplify units will be:

1.  Geology on Mars

  • Unit Question:  How can we search for evidence that other planets were once habitable?

2.  Plate Motion

  • Unit Question:Why are fossils of species that once lived together found in different locations on Earth now?

3.  Rock Transformations

  • Unit Question:  How do rocks form and change?

4.  Phase Change

  • Unit Question: How can the appearance of a substance change without it becoming a different substance?

5.  Chemical Reactions

  • Unit Question:  How do new substances form?

6.  Populations and Resources

  • Unit Question:  Why do populations change size in a ecosystem?

7.  Matter and Energy in Ecosystems

  • Unit Question:  How do all the organisms in an ecosystem get the resources they need to release energy?


Parents have received information regarding the district's move toward standards-based grading.

Assignments will be assessed according to the competency that they meet.