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Maple: Science

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My name is Cody M. Booth and I will be teaching Science and Science Content Literacy this year for Team Maple at Woodbury School. This is my 5th year in the Salem School District & my 8th year teaching overall. Before becoming a teacher, I served as a German interpreter & translator for a company not too far from Woodbury School!  Though a wonderful career, teaching science at the middle school level is my true calling & passion in life.

When you can view the world & universe through a scientific lens, you will truly begin to observe everything around you in a different light, as well as make sound decisions, inferences, and predictions to help better your life and those around you; it's quite an elevating, yet humbling feeling!  Science is not just a class where you learn about the natural world and how it works, but you will begin to use science as a tool to help you discover the true beauty and patterns that the Universe has to offer, be it known or undiscovered!

Aside from teaching science at Woodbury, I am currently a doctoral student at New England College in Henniker, NH with a concentration in K-12 Leadership; I plan to graduate in 2022.  I also spend my free time collecting records, riding my motorcycle, and playing the many instruments I have learned over the years. 

I look forward to being your science teacher this year! 


Mr. Booth

     C.M. Booth, M.Ed.        


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