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Jefferson: Math

Woodbury Grade 8 Team Site

Welcome to Jefferson Mathematics!

The units and topics students will be covering this year include:

  • The Number System – using rational and irrational numbers
  • Functions – properties of functions, recognizing and describing functional relationships, constructing functions to model linear relationships
  • Statistics and Probability – constructing and interpreting scatter plots, interpreting data from two variables using slope, intercept, frequencies, relative frequencies
  • Geometry – transformations, volume, the Pythagorean Theorem
  • Expressions and Equations – using radicals and integer exponents, scientific notation, graphing, solving systems of linear equations
  • Quadratic Functions – recognizing a quadratic function, modeling, graphing, and writing equations to represent a quadratic function, factoring and solving quadratic functions (Math plus Algebra only)

Students will continue to use Connected Mathematics (CMP3) as their main resource.

Other resources include:

MathXL for school



Important Reminders

Course Expectation Sheet needs to be read and signed by both parent and student by Friday, 9/6.

What we are working on now

In our Linear and Nonlinear Relationships unit, students will be introduced to the concept of mathematical models. Students will explore real world situations that can be represented with various mathematical models, including graphs, tables, pictures, and equations. This work prepares students to see patterns and relationships between two variables which they will apply in later units as they explore functions.


Course Information

Welcome to Team Jefferson Math


Teacher: Mrs. Bishop                                                                       


Phone: 603 893-7055 ext. 3211                                        


Welcome! This handout is designed to answer your questions about the expectations and policies for Math on Team Jefferson. This should be kept in your math binder.


Students should come prepared to class every day with the following supplies:

  • 3-ring binder with 5 tabs, text book, notebook, and filler paper
  • 2 pencils & 1 pen
  • Homework assignment from the previous night
  • Assignment notebook

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Be responsible for yourself and your learning
    • Be where you are supposed to be
    • Have the necessary materials and assignments with you
    • Participate appropriately in classroom activities and discussions
    • Ask questions
    • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
    • Give it your all
  2. Be respectful of other people and their belongings
    • Keep your hands, feet, and all objects to yourself and off of other people and their belongings
    • Use school appropriate language
    • Do not cause disruptions that interfere with the learning environment

         3. Be safe


Grading Policy:                                                                                                             

We will be transitioning to a competency-based reporting system this year.  There will be more information to follow at open house.


Extra Help:

Everyone needs extra help at one time or another. Students are highly encouraged to seek help anytime they feel they have worked beyond a productive struggle.

  • Extra help is available during Directed Study scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the school dayStudents may come to my room in the am before the start of the day and sign out a DS pass for that day.
  • Students may sign up for a working lunch. During a working lunch, students get their lunch and bring it to room 211 to work with Mrs. Bishop for the lunch period.
  • I will have after school hours every Tuesday from 2:15 to 3:15. 



Retakes are allowed on all assessments, if students follow all guidelines on the retake contract.

            Guidelines for retake contract:

1. Fill out the top portion of the retake contract and check in with Mrs. Bishop to schedule the reassessment no later than two days after the first assessment was given back.

2. Complete any missing homework, notes, and/or activities for the topics covered by this assessment. Turn in work before the date of the reassessment.

3. Make assessment corrections on a separate piece of paper and attach to the back of the original assessment.

4. Review assessment, assessment corrections, and action plan with Mrs. Bishop (this can happen any time before the reassessment) Initials _________ Date _________

5. Take the reassessment no later than two weeks after the first assessment was given back.


Students who are absent are responsible for checking the “While you were out” bin in the back of the classroom and having a discussion with the teacher upon returning to school. It is the student’s responsibility to make up all missed work (including assessments) within 24 hours of their return.

Cell Phones: Math class is a NO cell phone zone. Students are asked to keep their phones safety locked in their lockers or put their phone in the “Mobile Motel” bin on the side table for the duration of class. Students, who chose not to comply with this simple request, will receive consequences. No Exceptions.

Disciplinary Actions:

Classroom disruptions, repeated tardiness, inappropriate behavior, and other instances of not following the above-stated rules will be met with the following consequences:

            1st offense = verbal warning and recognition of inappropriate behavior by student

            2nd offense = lunch detention

            3rd offense = parent notification and lunch detention

            4th offense = after school teacher detention with 24 hour notice and parent notification     

            5th offense = administrative/guidance referral

*steps may be skipped depending on the severity of the issue*


Academic Honesty:

Students are expected to do their own work at all times. Each student is expected to contribute equally to group assignments. Students caught cheating, copying, or plagiarizing (passing off someone else’s words as your own) will receive a failing grade on the assignment and will be reported to the office.