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Jefferson: ELA

Woodbury Grade 8 Team Site

Welcome to Language Arts!

Hello!  My name is Ellen Tanguay.  This is my eighteenth year teaching at Woodbury School.  This page will be periodically updated with news and information for ELA.  

If you need to contact me, please feel free to contact me through email: 

Ten Tips for Young Authors

Turn off the television

Read a lot, but don’t just read

Be a careful observer

Learn to type well

Get a good thesaurus


Learn the rules before you break them

Find what interests you and others

Ask for criticism

Write!  Write!  Write!

Writer's Club

Join us for Writer's Club every Wednesday during lunch.


Why write?

Simply put, writing is important.   If you learn how to write well, you will succeed, develop a strong self-image, and be able to express yourself.  If you learn strong writing skills now, you will learn more and do better in every other subject.  I promise you! 

My mission is to get you to enjoy the writing process.  Maybe not all of the time, but with some hard work on both of our parts, you will be proud of the writing pieces you will create this year.