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Jefferson: Science

Woodbury Grade 8 Team Site

Welcome to 8th grade science!

I am so excited to start off the year - this will be my tenth year at Woodbury, but my first year teaching 8th grade! A little about me, I was born and raised in Southern New Hampshire and attended college at Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont where I graduated with a degree in biology. I went on to Lesley University where I received a Master of Education in Science Education and recently finished my CAGS in content literacy. I love to teach because I am passionate about science and I actually like middle school students! My husband and I have two children, Jason (6 years old) and Claire (4 years old) and a dog Bruce who keep us very busy. In my spare time I love to hike, fish, cook, crochet, and go to the lakes.



@ Duanescience


We will be transitioning to a competency-based reporting system this year.  There will be more information to follow at open house.

Quarter 1 Competencies:

Earth's Place in the Universe

Earth's Systems


Motion and Stability

Science and Engineering Practices

**These are subject to change based on curriculum pacing**

In eighth grade, students will begin the year exploring geology by looking at the relationships between landforms on Earth and on the surface of Mars. They will then explore different physical science phenomena such as magnetism and light. Students will also have units in life science, weather and climate. In each unit, Amplify Science has students acting as scientists or engineers as they make and design solutions to real world problems.

Come to class prepared. Please come with a pencil, your agenda book, and your science notebook and folder every day. Cell phones should be left in the Cell phone jail. Bathroom and drink trips will be limited to the first 5 and last 5 minutes of the class.

You are always expected to treat everyone in the room, whether an adult or a fellow student, with respect.  Failure to follow directions or displays of other disrespectful behavior will result in a phone call home, an email home, or even a referral to the office. Poor behavior for a substitute will result in an automatic afterschool detention.

Google Classroom Codes:

Core 1- 58jffme
Core 3- cxei75t
Core 4- 5iis53
Core 5 - vpqgses

Amplify Codes:

Core 1: FJ2GHF
Core 3: HV6DFY
Core 4: XUXV39
Core  5: VKZQ82

How to get help

I am available for extra help at the following times:

- Directed study (Tues/Wed/Thurs) from 9:02-9:32

- Before and after school

- via email

Homework club is also available from 2:15-3:15 Monday-Thursday in the library. A science teacher is usually available.

Cool science opportunities

New England Aquarium is now accepting applications for their Marine Biologist in Training programs. You can apply at: