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Washington: Homework

Woodbury Grade 8 Team Site

Homework Assignments

The homework assignments on this page is what the team believes the homework to be for the given day within the week. Homework is assigned based on readiness and is subject to change as needed.  The most accurate homework should be written in the assignment notebook provided at the beginning of the school year.  Homework assignments for each class are also written in a designated place in each classroom.

ELA Homework Assignments

1/15/ 2020 - All Final Copies of your character's journey is due tomorrow, Thursday the 16th... NO LATER than Friday, the 17th, before class starts ONLY if you should need additional time to complete your essay.


Friday - Make sure that you have your I.R. book, as it is an I.R. Day!


2/4/2020 - Do not forget your project on your character is due this Thursday... NO LATER!  Your choice of a storyboard, memoir, or journal writing.




Science Homework Assignments has Science Content, Assignments, and Due Dates.

There is a notebook check at the end of each quarter.  Topics for the Science Notebook are found in Google Classroom

Please see updated Calendar above.





Math Homework Assignments

See Google Classroom Calendar on this page for Homework Assignments
Week of 10/07/19


  •  Finish TWMM Inv 4 ACE #3 and #6 (Cores 2,4, & 5) 
  •  TWMM Inv 5 ACE #16-17  (Core 3)  


  •   (Cores 2,4, & 5)
  •   (Core 3)


  •     (Cores 2,4, & 5)
  •      (Core 3)


  •   (Cores 2,4, & 5)
  •    (Core 3)


  •  (Cores 2,4, & 5)
  •  (Core 3)

Social Studies Homework Assignments

Homework assignments are a continuation of unfinished work from class.​

Please check the Calendar to the left for social studies assignments posted in Google Classroom.




Please remember to have a conversation with each of your teachers upon your return from an absence from school regarding any assignments that were due on the date(s) of your absence(s), assignments that may have been assigned and their due dates, and whether there are any upcoming assessments you need to know about.  This conversation needs to happen even if you are present in school and have missed a class due to any reason (daytime dismissal and return from an appointment, visit to the nurse's office during class time, school related appointments, etc).