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Washington: ELA

Woodbury Grade 8 Team Site

About the Teacher

Welcome to 8th grade ELA! I am very excited to teach your child this year! Graduating from U-Mass/Boston, I started my teaching career in Malden, Massachusetts, teaching third grade years ago. I began teaching at the Woodbury Middle School in 1999, teaching sixth, seventh, and now currently eighth grade.

I am available for extra help during directed study, as well as Monday-Thursday until 3PM with an appointment. Homework Club, sponsored by POWER, is offered after school Monday through Thursday as a valuable resource to complete homework assignments prior to leaving school, to study for upcoming assignments, and/or ask for help on a specific topic of struggle.

My motto in the classroom is always have respect, be responsible, and be honest at all times!

About the Class

This year in 8th Grade ELA class we will be reading and writing A LOT! We will start with our Launch Unit and then continue with the Salem School District's Units of Study in Reading and Writing. Our Launch Unit will consist of:

  • Class Expectations/Culture
  • Organizational Protocol
  • Reading
  • Exploring Interests
  • How to respond to Reading/Writing
  • Expanding Literary Diet
  • How to share Reading/Writing
  • Activating Prior Knowledge/Scoring
  • Revising
  • Conferring and more...Then we will move on to the Reading and Writing Units of Study, which will consist of:
  • Informational Text
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Narrative Reading
  • The Literary Essay
  • The Position Paper

Important Information