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Franklin: Homework

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Resources for Distance Learning!!

Math 8

Quiz LFP Investigation 4 - Tuesday March 17 (sample Anchor Chart below)

Finish Wkst C due 3/12

Finish ACE page 71-72 #8-18 due 3/11 (not core 5)

Worksheet A due 3/10 (3/11 for Core 5)

Last week students were given work updates to remind them of missing assessments and assessments in need of retakes -- you'll want to deal with these issues as soon as possible.

Terminating and Repeating Decimals Wkst due 3/6

Make sure Pythagorean Theorem Anchor Chart is complete due 3/3

Pythagorean Theorem Quiz -- Wednesday, March 4

Finish "Did You Hear About?" riddle #1-9 due 2/19

LFP ACE page 50 #9-12 due 2/18



Math Plus Algebra

LFP ACE page 14 #1 & 2 due 3/13

Wkst  B-- Changing repeating decimals to Fractions due 3/6

Worksheet A due 3/5

Complete Problem 4.3 parts A-C due 3/3

Complete Anchor Chart for Pythagorean Theorem Quiz due 2/19

Pythagorean Theorem Quiz Thursday, February 20

LFP ACE pages 49-50 #3-6 due 2/14



Make sure to check Google Classroom, if necessary!







Content Lit - Mrs. Miller


Social Studies

  • There will be a TEST on WWI on Tuesday, March 17.  Use your Study Guide and Quizlet to help you prepare!
  • Due Monday, March 16: 1918 Europe Map.  Answer Key on Google Classroom.
  • Due Friday, March 13: 1914 Europe Map.  Answer Key on Google Classroom.
  • Due Tuesday, March 10: America's Road to War packet.  Complete ALL questions INCLUDING the extended response and the sidebars.
  • Due Monday, March 2: Civil Rights Memorial Project.  See Google Classroom and class handouts for more information.
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Content Lit - Mrs. Muraco

Your Reader Response Journal is due every Monday at the beginning of class.  Please refer to the directions on the "Responding in your Reader Response Journal" sheet for more information.  Remember to always follow the proper format in your journal:

Entry #                                     Date

Prompt #

*Make sure to restate the question in your answer.*