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Teacher Site Style Sheet: Fonts, Boxes, Tabs

Following this Guide formatting text and other elements on your SSD website will make your sites easier to read and more engaging.

Fonts, Headlines, Call Outs

Headlines should be set using the "Heading 3" tag

The headline above is set by typing in the text you want for the headline. Next, highlight the text and use the pull-down in the formatting bar that shows "Normal". Click this and select "Heading 3". This is how you create a headline.

This is an example of a call-out blurb. Use this to emphasize the main point of your content if you have a lot of text. To create this, enter your text, highlight it, and select "Heading 4" from the pull-down in the formatting bar that shows "Normal."

Here's a Sub-Head 

To create a sub-head, simply highlight the text and click the "B" in the formatting bar to make this bold. It should be on its own line. 

Body text should be unformatted. This is italic. Here is what a link looks like.  Please do not adjust the size, color, or background of text.

Tabs, Boxes, Headers

The elements of the page that hold the content -- box title bars, navigation tabs, backgrounds, etc. -- have been styled to serve as background elements.They are somewhat muted to allow the content within to stand out.

Changing any of these items will likely hurt the legibility of your page.

Enhance your content by adding photographs or artwork to draw attention and assign priority to the content areas on your page.

Elements and Colors


It is important NOT to change the font when creating your content. Parents will be viewing your site on many different platforms and devices. The fonts selected in this guide have been embedded in the website and will, therefore, be displayed the same on all devices.

Font faces you select from the "Font" menu will NOT display the same on every screen or device.

Additionally, the color of the various styles has been carefully selected for accessibility and legibility. They all work together and any changes to one will affect the user's ability to read and understand your content.