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Continuing and Alternative Education: Adult High School Diploma

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Path to Graduation: Adult High School Diploma

Summer 2024: Adult High School Diploma Program


 Summer 2024 

Adult High School Diploma Program

The Adult High School Diploma Program offers classes to earn credits to complete adult high school requirements and earn a diploma. Students must be ages 16 and older and live or work in N.H to register for an Adult Diploma class with Salem Continuing Education.  New students will be asked to provide a transcript for review and meet with the Director to create a plan for completing the required classes for graduation.


Memoirs and Memories: Crafting Personal Narratives
In "Memoirs and Memories: Crafting Personal Narratives," students will embark on a journey of self-discovery and creative expression through the art of memoir writing. This course will explore the techniques and structures of compelling memoirs, examining renowned works to understand how authors vividly capture their life experiences. Students will engage in reflective writing exercises, peer workshops, and in-depth discussions to hone their storytelling skills. By delving into their own memories and personal histories, students will learn to craft authentic and powerful narratives, ultimately producing their own memoir pieces that convey the richness and complexity of their unique life stories. Class is worth one English credit.

12 classes:  Monday and Wednesday, July 3- Monday, August 12, 2024 (class on July 10 only will meet remotely), 12:30-3:30 pm, Salem High School- Room A160.


To Register

Students who have already taken a class with Continuing Education, complete this link:

NEW students to Continuing Education, complete this link:


Tuition (due upon registration)

$80: 1 credit classes for Salem students/residents

$160: 1 credit classes for non Salem students/residents

$40 one-time registration fee for new students to Continuing Education


Step 1:  Getting Started 

Request a transcript from your last high school.

Send your transcript to Salem Continuing Education for review and make an appointment with the Director to create a plan for completing remaining credits:

Step 2:  Register for Your Class

Once you have met with the Director and created a plan for completing remaining credits, register for a class. There is a fee for classes, and a $40 one-time registration fee for new students.

A completed  registration is required for all students. If students are taking multiple classes, only one registration is needed.  Note:  classes are open to New Hampshire residents/employees only.


How to Pay for Your Class

Pay online with a credit card:        

Booktix is for payment only.  Once you are on the site, please scroll to the bottom of the page for the Adult Diploma payment options.  Please note: you will see a charge from Booktix on your credit card statement. 

Call 603-893-7074 to register over the phone with a credit card. Drop off a check or cash to the Continuing Education Office.

Mail a check to Salem Continuing Education, 44 Geremonty Drive, Salem, NH 03079

1/2 credit class

$40 per class for Salem Students/Residents;  $80 per class for non Salem Students/Residents

1 credit class

$80 per class for Salem Students/Residents;  $160 per class for non Salem Students/Residents

Registration Fee for New Students:  For students new to the program, there is a $40 one-time registration fee.