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Continuing and Alternative Education: Adult High School Diploma

Committed to Helping All Students Find Academic Success

Path to Graduation: Adult High School Diploma

Spring 2022: Adult High School Diploma Program

Winter/Spring 2022:  Adult High School Diploma Program

Salem Continuing Education's Adult High School Diploma Program offers the opportunity for current and previous high school students to earn an accredited Salem School District High School Diploma. Each semester, courses are offered in math, science, social studies, and English, as well as some electives that meet the graduation requirements for a high school diploma. 

Students seeking to earn a Salem School District High School Diploma may be eligible to earn credit through alternate options such as work or military experience.  All classes meet in person at Salem High School.

Click here to complete the online registration form:


Reading and Writing Short Stories

This course offers an introduction to the short story. Students will read a selection of short stories and participate in class discussions of the assigned stories in their historical and social contexts. We will read both together and independently, discuss specific quotes, look at the sequence of events while focusing on vocabulary, and explore point-of-view, character, and pacing. Students will apply the lessons they have learned from their readings to their writing exercises, and will write one short story of their own. Class is worth 1 English credit.

Class meets 15 Mondays, 5:00-8:00 pm, begins February 7, 2022, Salem High School, Mrs. Lamontagne


Consumer Math

This course will assist students in learning to use mathematics effectively as a tool in their personal and business lives.  Using math effectively is important in the future, and we will review skills that are applied directly to real world scenarios. Topics may include: retail math including buying and selling (using google sheets/spreadsheets), personal business mathematics including wages and payroll, checking and savings accounts (bank register), charge accounts and credit cards, housing costs and interest rates, mortgage types (benefits), automobile costs, and loans/down payments, filing taxes.  Students should have completed Algebra 1.  Class is worth 1 math credit

Class meets 15 Tuesdays, 4:00-7:00 pm, begins February 8, 2022, Salem High School, Ms. Capistan


Forensic Science

This course will provide an overview of forensic science topics using foundations of chemistry, physics, biology and experimental design. Topics to be surveyed include fingerprinting, serology, drug unit, toxicology, trace evidence, and document analysis. Through lessons, hands-on labs, case-studies and analysis of fictional crime scenarios, students will learn about proper technique, forensic tools, data collection and analysis, and how to form proper conclusions.  An additional $30 lab fee is not included.  Class is worth 1 science credit.

Class meets 15 Wednesdays, 4:30-7:30 pm, begins February 2, 2022, Salem High School, Mr. Jablonski


Pop Culture 

This course will examine the impact of Pop Culture in the U.S. that helps make up our unique American culture. Students will analyze, predict, and write about how society affects pop culture and the way that pop culture impacts society. Each class will include a brief overview of the significant historical developments of the time period. Students will then examine the popular cultural developments that coincided with the historical events. Mass media, music, literature, film, radio, TV, sports, fashion, and advertising will be some of our focuses. This class will allow students to investigate a variety of different pop culture influences that have become part of the American identity. Class is worth 1 social studies credit or 1 English credit.

Class meets 15 Thursdays, 5:00-8:00 pm, begins February 3, 2022, Salem High School, Mrs. Lamontagne


U.S. History

This course explores American History from Colonialism through the Cold War.  Students will study basic documents and concepts of American government, such as the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  Other topics include the Civil War, Immigration, Civil Rights and the Cold War.  Students will be asked to read related historical materials and write short reports or essays.  Class is worth 1 social studies credit.

Class meets 15 Thursdays, 4:30-7:30 pm, begins February 3, 2022, Salem High School, Mrs. Cavanaugh-Fabrizio



This course will look into the introduction to the grand topic of economics. With this being a large topic, we will cover the basic concepts and principles that affect our everyday life.  Starting with the definition of economics itself, we’ll explore supply and demand, markets/competition, opportunity cost, stocks, budgets, and more. We will learn to think like economists in hopes that you will leave this course with the new knowledge on how our town, community, country, and the world works through a financial perspective. Class is worth ½ economics credit.

Class meets 8 Thursdays, 4:00-7:00 pm, begins March 17, 2022, Salem High School, Mr. Stuart


After School HiSET Preparation

This HiSET Program helps students (ages 16-18) prepare for their high school equivalency exams by providing academic support and individualized attention. Class also prepares students for the required practice tests, and assists students with setting up an ETS account and registering for the official exam.  Student enrollment is dependent upon practice test scores and a confirmed appointment for the official exam.  

The HiSET is a series of five tests in core subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Writing. Passing the tests confirms that a student has high school level academic skills and is able to pass the tests that are given to high school diploma graduates. Students ages 16-18 are required to receive a Prepared/Well Prepared on the practice tests before registering for the official exam.  Upon passing the official HiSET exams, students will be issued a High School Equivalency Test Certificate which is considered equivalent to a high school diploma.  

Class meets Mondays beginning January 10, 2022,  2:45-5:00 pm, Salem High School, Mrs. Banks 


Step 1:  Getting Started 

Request a transcript from your last high school.

Email Salem Continuing Education to review your transcript and to make a plan for completing remaining credits:

Step 2:  How to Register for Your Class

 Click here to complete the online registration form:

A completed Jot Form registration is required for all students. If students are taking multiple classes, only one registration is needed. 

Step 3: How to Pay for Your Class

Pay online with a credit card (Amex not accepted):

Booktix is for payment only.  Once you are on the site, please scroll to the bottom of the page for the Adult Diploma payment options.  Please note: you will see a charge from Booktix on your credit card statement. 

Call 603-893-7074 to register over the phone with a credit card. Drop off a check or cash to the Continuing Education Office.

Mail a check to Salem Continuing Education, 44 Geremonty Drive, Salem, NH 03079

1/2 credit class

$40 per class for Salem Students/Residents;  $80 per class for non Salem Students/Residents

1 credit class

$80 per class for Salem Students/Residents;  $160 per class for non Salem Students/Residents

Registration Fee for New Students:  For students new to the program, there is a $40 one-time registration fee.

Lab Fee

There is a $30 lab fee for the Forensic Science class.

Step 4: Confirmation:

Once you have registered and paid for your Adult Diploma class(es), you will receive an email confirmation from the Continuing Education office with important information.