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Continuing and Alternative Education: ABE/HiSET

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Adult Basic Education

Adult Basic Education 

Adult Basic Education classes for students ages 18 and older. FREE classes meet Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6:00-8:30 pm at Salem High School. Admission is ongoing. For more information or to register for any of the following programs, please call Continuing Education at 603-893-7074.  Fall 2020 schedule coming soon. 


The HiSET Exam is the test administered for a NH High School Diploma. Salem Continuing Education is an official HiSET testing center and offers paper-based testing. The exam meets two days, Tuesday and Thursday, $25 (per test) fee to be paid at time of testing (cash or money order only). There are five subjects: writing (2 hours); math (90 minutes, calculator allowed); Science (80 minutes); Reading (65 minutes); Social Studies (70 minutes).  Students must be NH residents to take the test at the Salem Continuing Education location. 

2020 Exam Dates: Tuesday and Thursday, July 28 and 30, 2020.  Pre-registration is required. 

How to Register for the HiSET:

 1. Pass a mandatory practice test. If previously taken at a different location, you must provide documentation of scores. The HiSET practice test is given by appointment only at a cost of $25. Please call the office to schedule.

Note: Students 16 and 17 years old will be able to register to take HiSET® tests only if they have a completed NH HiSET Request to Waive Age Requirement Form from their local school district. This form requires students to demonstrate that they have passed Official HiSET Practice Tests showing “Prepared” or “Well Prepared”. This completed form must be submitted to the test center before student test scheduling appointment. Form and complete information may be found at:

2. Create a HiSET test taker account online at or at Salem Continuing Education. Email address required to create this account. Call 603-893-7074 to set up a test scheduling appointment at least one week prior to testing. There are limited spaces available for each testing session. Keep your username, password, and ETS ID# written down for all testing purposes and to access your scores.

3. Come to your test scheduling appointment. Schedule and pay for all tests at Salem Continuing Education. The cost is $25 per subtest or $125 for the full test battery. Without payment, we cannot reserve a testing space even if you have created an account online.  Please make checks payable to Salem Continuing Education.

4. Bring government issued photo ID that has your signature on it. HiSET test-takers can use a temporary ID only in conjunction with a back-up ID. If necessary, high school students being referred for HiSET testing may use a student ID and school letter as back-up to a temporary license or non-driver ID.

Adult Basic Education: Free classes will help students improve math skills in the areas of algebra, geometry, and problem solving. Writing and reading classes will cover writing organization and structure, as well as comprehension, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills. Class will help students prepare for the HiSET exam.

HiSET Practice Tests are administered at Salem Continuing Education, $25 to be paid at time of registration.  To register, please call 603-893-7074.


To earn a high school equivalency, please follow these steps:                             

  1. Enroll in ABE/test preparation classes to build basic skills and practice test content.                                          

  2. Take an official practice test (five subject areas) to see if skill level is high enough to pass the exam.  Practice tests are administered every other Thursday starting January 16, 2020.  Pre-registration is required.                                             

  3. Register for official HiSET exam by going to the website.                                                                                                                        

Frequently Asked Questions

HiSET Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the HiSET?  Is it the same as the GED?

In January 2014, the State of New Hampshire phased out the GED and now all high school equivalency testing is done using the HiSET.  The HiSET is administered at local testing centers in New Hampshire with Salem High School being one of these centers.  This test assesses reading, writing, math, science and social studies.  Students who started with the GED but did not finish all tests must start over with the HiSET.

  • Why take the HiSET exam?

The HiSET exam will provide a high school credential and allow students to attend college and enlist in the military.  Many jobs require a high school diploma and the HiSET will provide an affordable option for students who wish to advance their career.

  • Who can take the HiSET exam?

According to NH State regulations, a student must be 18 years old to take the HiSET.  Students under 18 years old may receive approval from their school districts to take the HiSET.  Students must be a resident of NH to take the HiSET tests in New Hampshire and to receive a New Hampshire Certificate of High School Equivalency.  Students do not need to be a U.S. citizen to take the test, but will need a government-issued ID (license or passport).

  • What is the HiSET exam?

The exam is comprised of five subject areas:  reading, writing, math, science, and social studies?

  • Where do I take the HiSET exam?

The exam is administered at Salem Continuing and Alternative Education Program, located at Salem High School, 44 Geremonty Drive, Salem, NH. Registration is required: 603-893-7074. 

  • Do I have to attend a HiSET preparatory class?

The Continuing and Alternative Education program does not require students to attend a HiSET prep class, but it is strongly recommended.  Students who have been out of school for a period of time will benefit from refreshing their math, reading, and writing skills, as well as subject area knowledge.  Salem Continuing Education's HiSET preparatory classes are offered twice a week, Monday and Wednesday, 6:00-8:30 pm at Salem High School.  Our experienced teachers will develop a personal learning plan to prepare students to take the HiSET exam.

  • Should I take a practice test?

A practice test is not required, but is highly recommended so students can gain a greater understanding of the test and the type of questions that are asked. The fee is $25, due on the day of testing.  Completing a practice test will help lessen any test anxiety a student may experience.  Practice test opportunities are available online at , and are administered every other Thursday in the Continuing Education office. Pre-registration is required. 

  • How much does the test cost?

The state testing fee for the HiSET is $125 (all five subjects) and must be paid at registration.  Cash or money order only. The HiSET offered through Salem Continuing and Alternative Education is paper-based.

  • How long will the test take?  Do I take the whole test at the same time?

The whole test takes 7 hours to complete.  The testing sessions are 4.5 hours each.  Students will need two nights to complete all of the sub-tests.  There are 5 sub-tests required for completion of the exam.  Each sub-test is multiple choice except for the writing sub-test which will require an essay.  The sub-tests can be taken in whatever order you choose.

  • What is required for identification the day of the test?

During the scheduling process, test takers are asked to confirm eligibility requirements. Documents such as a driver’s license, state or government issued ID or passport, is an acceptable document and must be brought to the testing center the day of the test. Identification must not be expired. Birth certificates, credit or debit cards, social security cards, or student ID’s will not be accepted.

  • Are accommodations available for students who have a documented disability?

Accommodations are available for test takers with diagnosed disabilities. All test takers requesting any accommodations must register by mail or email through ETS Disability Services and have their accommodations approved before their test can be scheduled. Your request should be submitted as early as possible, especially if you are requesting an alternate test format. Documentation review takes approximately six weeks once your request and complete paperwork have been received. If additional documentation must be submitted, it can be another six weeks from the time the new documentation is received until the review is complete.

  • Can students who are homeschooled take the HiSET test to be eligible for college?

Homeschooled students who are under 18 and who have passed the HiSET Practice Tests and who wish to take the HiSET Test should view the requirements on the HiSET website to apply for HiSET testing. Separate forms are required for homeschooled students.

  • How long does it take to get the results after a person takes the HiSET Tests?

It should take approximately two weeks for students to see test results.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  New Hampshire Certificate of High School Equivalency cannot be obtained via the Internet or through correspondence programs.  All testing must be taken in person at an approved HiSET Testing Center.


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