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Barron Art: Kindergarten

Come see the beautiful art we've created!

Keep Calm and Create Art!

Hello art students! I would love to see all the art that you are creating at home and to hear what's going well and what you are struggling with! Please feel free to email me with questions and send me pictures and videos of what you are up to.

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Art Resources for Home

Lesson One

Common Core Standard: Re:8.1.Ka

Get up and move around your house or yard! Let's go on a scavenger hunt! If you have a piece of paper, write down and/or draw what you find.

Find 3 examples of a STRAIGHT LINE

Find 3 examples of a CURVED LINES

Find 3 examples of ZIG ZAG LINES

Find 3 examples of WAVY LINES

Find 3 examples of THICK LINES

Find 3 examples of THIN LINES

Lesson Two

Common Core Standard: Re:7.2.Ka

Let's look at some art!

Look at the painting here - What is this painting about? What is happening? What do the colors make you feel? 

EXTENSION: *If you have art supplies at home and some extra time* Use your art supplies to create a piece of art about how you're feeling.

Lesson Three

Common Core Standard: Re:7.1.Ka

Let's learn about the color wheel! 

The color wheel is a circle chart that shows PRIMARY and SECONDARY colors. It goes in rainbow order. Look at the picture to see what a color wheel looks like. We're going to create our own!

Look around your house to find at least 3 different items of each color on the color wheel - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Arrange each color in that order in a circle. *If you are able, send me a picture of your found object color wheel*

Drawing and Coloring Sheets