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Barron Art: 2nd Grade

Come see the beautiful art we've created!

Keep Calm and Create Art!

Hello art students! I would love to see all the art that you are creating at home and to hear what's going well and what you are struggling with! Please feel free to email me with questions and send me pictures and videos of what you are up to.

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Art Resources for Home

Lesson One

Common Core Standard: Re:8.1.2a

The MOOD of a piece of art is the way it makes you feel. 

Look through these three images - what is one word to describe how the image makes you feel. For example, does it make you feel lonely, happy, sad, excited...

EXTENSION: *If you have art supplies and some extra time* Create a piece of artwork that describes the way you're feeling.

Keith Haring

Joan Miro

Pablo Picasso


Lesson Two

Common Core Standard: Re:9.1.2a

Look at the painting Wassily Kandinsky - Identify the different types of LINES, SHAPES, and COLORS.

Remember what you've learned about primary and secondary colors. Are there shapes that you recognize? Are there new shapes you've never seen before?


About Kandinsky: Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow, Russia on December 16, 1866. Kandinsky went to college and then became a law teacher. However, when he was thirty he decided to change careers and become an artist. Kandinsky began to think that painting didn't need a particular subject, but that shapes and colors alone could be art. Over the next several years he would start to paint what would become known as Abstract Art. Kandinsky was one of the founding fathers of Abstract Art. He had a condition called "synaesthesia," when he heard music he saw colors and each color has a sound that went with it. He felt that he could express feelings and music through colors and shapes in his paintings. For example, he thought that yellow had the crisp sound of a brass trumpet and that certain colors placed together could harmonize like chords on a piano. The shapes he was most interested in were the circle, triangle, and the square. He thought the triangle would cause aggressive feelings, the square calm feelings, and the circle spiritual feelings. (source:


EXTENSION: *If you have art supplies and some extra time* Take some inspiration from this Kandinsky painting. Create your own piece of abstract art that includes a variety of lines, shapes, and colors. You can even put on your favorite song and let the music guide your art.

Lesson Three

Common Core Standard: Re:7.1.2a

Go outside or sit next to a window. What do you see outside? What words would you use to describe what you see? How does it compare to this painting? Are there any similarities? What is different?

EXTENSION: *If you have art supplies and some extra time* Draw what you see out your window. Feel free to add color or just draw with pencil.


Drawing and Coloring Sheets