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Barron Art: 3rd Grade

Come see the beautiful art we've created!

Keep Calm and Create Art!

Hello art students! I would love to see all the art that you are creating at home and to hear what's going well and what you are struggling with! Please feel free to email me with questions and send me pictures and videos of what you are up to.

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Art Resources for Home

Lesson One

Common Core Standard: Re:7.2.3a

The image below is a "Story Quilt" by Faith Ringgold.

What do you notice about this artwork? What is the story being told here, in your opinion?

EXTENSION: *If you have art supplies and some extra time* What's a personal story of yours that you could draw? 

Also create a "border" for your drawing using geometric patterns, like triangle and squares. You could even cut shapes out of colored paper!


Lesson Two

Common Core Standard: Re:7.1.3a

Look at the two images below:

What material do you think the artist used? What tools did they use? 


Lesson Three

Common Core Standard: Cr:1.2.3

We're visiting Africa this week! Create your version of an African mask, inspired by the examples below. Use whatever materials you can find in and around your house. For example: egg cartons, cardboard boxes, milk jugs, bottle caps, shells, rocks, toothpicks, q-tips, sponges, twigs, etc. Think about what facial features you want on your mask (like eyes, nose, mouth), will you add hair? What will your hair be made out of?

* If you don't have many supplies, don't fear - it doesn't have to be very complex! You can also draw a picture of your mask instead.

Drawing and Coloring Sheets