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Barron Art: 4th Grade

Come see the beautiful art we've created!

Keep Calm and Create Art!

Hello art students! I would love to see all the art that you are creating at home and to hear what's going well and what you are struggling with! Please feel free to email me with questions and send me pictures and videos of what you are up to.

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Art Resources for Home

Lesson one

Common Core Standard: Re:7.2.4a       

Look closely at the piece of artwork below, by a contemporary artist names John Baldessari.

What is the painting trying to say? Can you explain why you feel that way?

EXTENSION: *If you have the supplies available and have some extra time* This piece has collage elements (paper that is cut and glued). Make your own collage using magazines, newspaper, old books, old drawings/paintings, cards, mailers, toy instructions, etc. Choose a theme for your collage. Some examples are: a fantasy animal, your favorite things, robots, monsters, your dream bedroom.

Lesson Two

Common Core Standard: Re:8.1.4a

Look at the piece below by Pop Artist, Roy Lichtenstein. How is this work of art relevant to you? What part do you connect with? Why? Does it remind you of anything?

*Does it remind you of comics? cartoons? movies? 

EXTENSION: *If you have art supplies and some extra time* Create your own comic!

Lesson Three

Common Core Standard: Pr:6.1.4a

Visit Britannica Image Quest and choose one museum website from the list on the right. Browse through each, scroll through different art forms from different time periods, search for artwork you're interested in.

Compare and contrast the two experiences. Have you ever been to a museum - what is the difference between being in a physical and a virtual experience? How do museums contribute to cultures and society?

EXTENSION: *If you have art supplies and some extra time* While looking through one of the virtual museums of your choice, select one piece of artwork (painting, sculpture, etc.) that you're drawn to - create an observational drawing of the piece.

Drawing and Coloring Sheets