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Comp Research Resources 2022-2023: EBSCO


EBSCO is an amazing resource and one you should be familiar with if you plan to attend college.

EBSCO Explora

Please note - sign in with Google is not enabled.  If at home refer to the username/password information. 

EBSCO gives you access to full-text newspapers, magazines, and most importantly academic level research.  

 It can be tricky to use so don't hesitate to ask for help in the library.


EBSCO Explora Tips


You've conducted a search now what....

All filters - click on all filters to limit by dates or type of source.

Peer reviewed - research and other articles that have been reviewed by experts (peers) in the same field or discipline.  Functions as a check of quality, but typically NOT needed until AP or college.

Relevance - results are sorted by how relevant they are to your search term.  You can also sort by date.

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