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ASII Research Resources 2023-2024: Classroom Video on Demand

Classroom Video on Demand

Research Tips

Here is an example below, of the opening screen for Classroom Video on Demand.  When you are logged in, your name will appear in the top right area.  Use the login from the SHS Library page. Enter your search in the center box.

This screenshot below, illustrates a search for "Renaissance." You may wish to refine your search by limiting the range to Grades 9 --12 as circled on the right.  You can also sort your search results under "relevance" as circled at the top, middle of the page.

This sample search for "Renaissance Art" below, shows you some of the options you will encounter as you narrow your search.  The upper right area gives you options for that video, such as a transcript.  Under the video, there is the option to capture a citation to use in NoodleTools.