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Woodbury French: Français 8

Daily Classwork and Assignments

vendredi, le 15 juin           No classes -  Class Field Trip
jeudi, le 14 juin
Students received their quizzes from yesterday.
They turned any unused homework passes...........
Each table created their own card game to practice the IR/RE verb groups.
mercredi, le 13 juin
1. We corrected the practice sheet.
2. We used Kahoot and Quizlet LIVE to practice before the quiz.
3. Students took the IR and RE verb quiz.
mardi, le 12 juin   LES JEUX OLYMPIQUES
quiz on IR and RE verbs tomorrow!
lundi, le 11 juin
1. We played a Verb Race game to practice the IR and RE verb forms.
2. Students finished their verb flip books and completed and corrected an IR/RE verb worksheet.
3. Homework - quiz on WEDNESDAY (Olympics tomorrow). Use Quizlet to practice!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!
vendredi, le 8 juin
1. Students finished and corrected their IR/RE verbs practice sheet.
2. Students made a verb Flip Book to practice all verbs - ER/IR/RE 
3. Homework - Quizlet sets to prepare for Wednesday's IR/RE verb quiz!!!
jeudi, le 7 juin
1. Students finished and corrected their practice sheets on CE and QUEL
2. They then took an online quiz on them.
3. The WSQ sheet notes on the IR and RE verb videos was checked.
4. Homework - Finish the white verb practice sheet and use QUIZLET for more practice!
mercredi, le 6 juin
1. The quizzes on accent changing verbs were returned and discussed.
2. The video notes were checked, discussed and explained.
3. We filled in a note sheet on CE/QUEL and then started some written practices.
4. Homework - take notes on the 3 IR/RE verb videos
mardi, le 5 juin
1. Students reviewed before their accent changing verb quiz.
2. Students took their quiz and then played the Card game from yesterday.
3. Students started their video notes that are due tomorrow and Thursday. The videos are posted separately .
lundi, le 4 juin
1. We reviewed with our Magic Squares and our Shading Squares activities.
2. We took another practice quiz on the accent changing verbs.
3. We played a new card game to practice them as well.
4. Homework - study for your accent changing verb quiz
vendredi, le premier juin
1. The last quiz and Clothing projects were returned.
2. We did another "pop" quiz on the accent changing verbs.
3. Students did a variety of square practice for the spelling changes verbs.
4. We did a Kahoot to practice them as well.
5. Homework - practice your verbs! accents and spelling changes - a "real" quiz on Tuesday.
jeudi, le 31 mai
1.  The tab booklet and practice sheet were corrected with the keys.
2.  Students used Quizlet for a few minutes to review after we discussed the rules for accent changing verbs.
3.  We took a "petit interro"  !     Do you know the accents by heart?  Can you make "picture chart"  showing where the 
      accents go?
4.  We played Quizlet LIVE!  for practice
5.  Continue to use Quizlet for written practice.  There will be a written quiz on Tuesday on acheter, mener, espérer,
     préférer and also mettre.
mercredi, le 30 mai
1. Mme Peters conjugated 3 verb groups on the board - acheter, espérer and préférer and students copied them down
on their salmon colored verb charts! 
2. She added mettre next and added some prefixes like per and pro............
3. Next she explained the difference between amener and apporter!
4. Students continued to work on their tab booklet for practice.
5. Homework - finish the tab booklet as well as the 30 question practice sheet and use QUIZLET to study!
mardi, le 29 mai
1. Students watched 2 posted videos and did a WSQ sheet on Spelling Changing Verbs.
2. Students made a tab booklet to practice Spelling Changing verbs.
3. New Quizlet sets have been posted so get started on your spellings!
lundi, le 28 mai   No school - Memorial Day
vendredi, le 25 mai
1. We reviewed verbs and vocab before the quiz.
2. We did ex. 7 and 8 p. 263 orally with partners to get ready for the quiz.
3. We took Leçon 17 quiz.
jeudi, le 24 mai
1. We corrected the numbers worksheet.
2. We did the blue Listening Comp sheets for Leçon 17.
3. We did a Quizlet LIVE set for practice before tomorrow's Leçon 17 QUIZ.
mercredi, le 23 mai
1. Students presented their outfits for the second day of the Fashion Show.
2. Students corrected their pink and yellow review packets.
3. Students worked on a 100-1000s numbers practice sheet.
4. Tomorrow we will do some speaking and listening practice for Friday's Leçon 17 quiz. 
USE QUIZLET! new numbers set
mardi, le 22 mai
1.  Students practiced their runway walks and clothing descriptions and then we did the first half of the class
2. Tomorrow the second groups go.
3. For the remainder of the period we reviewed vocab and the higher numbers.
4. Homework - Finish your subwork - pink and yellow review sheets and the white picture sheet, study on Quizlet for your Leçon 17 quiz  AND practice saying your Fashion Show descriptions.
lundi, le 21 mai Mme Peters was absent
Subwork - take notes on numbers p. 263 and do ex. 7 and 8 on page 263. Finish the pink and yellow review packets
to prepare for this week's Leçon 17 quiz on Thursday or Friday. Use the Quizlet Test prep set to review vocab.
Fashion Show tomorrow and Wednesday so plan your walk and memorize your clothing descriptions.
vendredi, le 18 mai
1. The Fashion Show has been moved to Tuesday and Wednesday!!! 
2. Students practiced their runway walks and oral sentences.
3. Students filled in the vocab sheet using the PowerPoint posted below. This is a good way to practice on your own!!!
4. We played Kahoot to practice our picture vocab!
5. Next week - Tues/Wed Fashion Show Thursday - Vocab Quiz
jeudi, le 17 mai      Reality Fair Field Trip
Students worked on projects if they were in class. Different teams were leaving for the Reality Fair today at 2 different times. Fashion Show is on Monday and Tuesday. Vocab Quiz is on Wednesday!
mercredi, le 16 mai
1. Clothing projects were checked, corrected, revised, practiced etc.
2. Students worked on various activities to get ready for next week's Clothing vocab quiz and the Fashion Show.
3. Homework - memorize your sentences for the Fashion Show and practice vocab for the Quiz on Quizlet!
mardi, le 15 mai
1. Students corrected their Seesaw Clothing project sentences per my suggestions on Classroom.
2. Students wrote their sentences on a card and then practiced with Mme P.
3. All students worked on practicing vocab for both their projects AND an upcoming QUIZ!
lundi, le 14 mai
Students worked various clothing practices - PowerPoint, Quizlet etc.
Students also worked on their 2 clothing projects - sentences are due for the Fashion Show tomorrow.
The Seesaw recording is due Wednesday.
vendredi, le 11 mai
1. Students worked on their sentences for their Clothing projects.
2. For review students used Quizlet and answered questions on their pink and yellow packets.
3. We played a new vocab game - La tapette à mouche!
4. Due MONDAY - Seesaw Clothing sentences submitted through Google Classroom
jeudi, le 10 mai
1. The WSQ sheet for Leçon 17 vocab was checked first.
2. Students picked up their materials for Leçon 17. They were discussed and questions were answered.
3. The 2 Clothing project rubrics were explained and discussed. Be aware of due dates!!
4. Students began practicing the extensive vocab and outlining ideas for their models.
mercredi, le 9 mai
1. Period 1 students did the Listening for Leçon 16 quiz and then we went over the rest of the answers on the quiz.
2. Period 2 - absent students took the quiz
3. All students worked on watching the Vocab videos for Leçon 17 and doing a WSQ sheet. There is also a page in the book. See yesterday's post for the videos and instructions.
mardi, le 8 mai
1. Students corrected their review materials.
2. We finished the blue listening comp sheets.
3. We took Leçon 16 quiz.
4. Homework - watch the Leçon 17 Clothing videos and do a WSQ sheet from yesterday's post. Follow the directions!
lundi, le 7 mai
1. The quizzes from Friday were returned and questions answered if there were any.
2. Students finished and corrected their Possessive Adjective question sheets if not done.
3. We then did a partner oral, reversing who goes first 2 times. The second time without papers to answer!
4. We started the blue Listening Comp sheets. We will finish them tomorrow.
5. Homework - do the pink and yellow review sheets to prepare for tomorrow's Leçon 16 quiz.
vendredi, le 4 mai
1. We finished our Possessive Adjective review game
2. We finished our Filez game practicing the Ordinal number spellings.
3. We took the quiz on Possessive Adjectives and Ordinal Numbers.
4. We did a written practice on asking questions using Possessive Adjectives. We will use this as an oral on Monday.
5. Pink and yellow review packets should be started - Leçon 16 quiz on Tuesday.
jeudi, le 3 mai
1. We went over yesterday's possessive adjective quiz.
2. We did an partner practice using Ordinal numbers. (writing answers too)
3. We played a game to practice the Possessive Adjectives.
4. Today's quiz is postponed until tomorrow! One more day to review and study for perfect quizzes tomorrow!!! :)
mercredi, le 2 mai
1. We reviewed how we use possessive adjectives and then we took a pop quiz! 
2. Next we did various practices on the possessive adjectives doing an up and down game and then translations.
Finish translating the last sheet and then correct it.
3. Homework - do the white practice sheet and study for tomorrow's quiz on ORDINAL NUMBERS and POSS. ADJ.!!
Leçon 16 quiz will be next Tuesday, May 8th.
mardi, le premier mai
1. Students discussed and asked question on their WSQ #3 based on Possessive Adjectives.
2. We filled out the possessive adjective chart together.
3. Next we did a practice sheet and then corrected it.
4. Homework - Leçon 16 quiz coming up soon! Do some Quizlet practice sets!
lundi, le 30 avril
1. We reviewed the ordinal numbers and went over the exercises we did before vacation.
2. We played FILEZ (Scoot) to also review the spelling of the ordinal numbers.
3. We did 2 oral activities with partners.
4. Homework - review the videos for Possessive Adjectives and the WSQ sheet that you did for them!
I re-posted them so they are right below this post!
vendredi, le 20 avril
1.  We reviewed the 3 step process for showing possession in French using DE.
2.  The students discussed WSQ sheet #4 - the ordinal numbers
3.  Students did a practice sheet on these numbers.
4.  Homework over vacation -  practice your CARDINAL and ORDINAL numbers on QUIZLET!! 
                 BONNES VACANCES!
jeudi, le 19 avril      Shortened classes due to the Field Trip to the HS play
1.  All WSQ sheets were checked in.
2.  We discussed WSQ #2 on the possession using de
3.  We did a practice sheet and used a key to correct it.
4.  The students did an exit slip on Google Classroom before leaving.
5.  WSQ #4 on Ordinal numbers will be discussed and practiced tomorrow.
6.  Homework - do some Quizlet sets, re-watch the videos for the Ordinal numbers WSQ sheet
mercredi, le 18 avril LAST DAY OF 8th grade NH SAS testing ! YOUPEE!
We will have shortened French classes tomorrow but not by much!! You will need to show me all 4 WSQ sheets if you haven't already done so! We will start to practice the new concepts that you took notes on!
mardi, le 17 avril 8th grade NH SAS testing continues..................
Students worked on their 4 WSQ sheets. All are due on Thursday!!
lundi, le 16 avril
SAS testing continues -  Team Washington missing today, Jefferson missing tomorrow, Franklin on Wednesday
Please check Google Classroom for your WSQ sheet videos - there are 4 separate WSQ sheets due by Thursday.
vendredi, le 13 avril Missing Team Franklin today for testing
We read and played games in French. Students worked on Quizlet sets and did any make up work.
We will start Leçon 16 on Monday. We will have 3 more days of testing which means that there will be one lesson taught
over the next three days (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). By Thursday of next week we all should be back to a normal 
French class schedule.
jeudi, le 12 avril     6th Grade Music Rehearsal schedule
Team Washington missing for SAS testing.
Team Jefferson read, played games and did Quizlet in French.
Team Franklin took Le­çon 15 quiz.
mercredi, le 11 avril                         Delayed Opening and 7th Grade Music Rehearsal and Grade 8 SAS testing!!!!
Period 1     Students reviewed and asked questions.  We took Leçon 15 Quiz.
Period 2    No class due to SAS testing.  Leçon 5 Quiz will be tomorrow!
mardi, le 10 avril          Reminder - tomorrow is a delayed opening!
We reviewed for tomorrow's Leçon 15 quiz. The outline was posted yesterday. 
We will do some listening exercises before the quiz.
lundi, le 9 avril
We are now missing 8th grade teams for SAS testing for the next two weeks. Today we were missing the Jeffersons.
Please check the white side board to see when you will be gone!
Leçon 15 quiz will now be on WEDNESDAY!!! The quiz outline is attached below! Let's start Quarter 4 with a 100%.
In class today students completed the pink and yellow review packets, corrected them with the keys and used Quizlet
sets to prepare and review for Wednesday's Leçon 15 quiz.

What is French 8 all about?

In French 8 we use many different things to help us learn French.  We watch flipped videos and do WSQ sheets as we watch them.  We use Edmodo and Google Classroom to view these videos, to find out what our assignments are, to communicate with Mme Peters and each other, to submit our work and to take online quizzes just to name a few!  We use Quizlet to practice and play games on. New this year we have an online text called Voces that we will use for all kinds of practice to improve our French.  

Here are the links for the sites we use most:

French 8 Learning Targets

Leçon 9  Learning Targets     Le français pratique:    Les personnes et les objets

  1.  I can talk about myself, my personality, and what I look like.

   2.  I can describe my friends and how old they are.

   3.  I can identify objects.

   4.  I can talk about everyday objects that I own or use.

   5.  I can describe my room.


Leçon 10  Learning Targets     Vive la difference!

   1.  I can talk about what people have using the verb avoir.

   2.  I can appropriately use nouns, articles and pronouns to designate people and things.

   3.  I can identify people and things by using nouns and articles in the plural.

   4.  I can make a sentence negative when using the indefinite articles.

   5.  I can make generalizations using the definite articles le, la and les.

   6.  I can discuss repeated events by using le with the days of the week.


Leçon 11  Learning Targets     Le copain de Mireille

   1.  I can describe people and objects using the appropriate masculine or feminine  singular form of an adjective.

   2.  I can describe people and objects using the appropriate  masculine or feminine plural form of an adjective.

   3.  I can describe people and objects by putting the adjective in the correct position in the sentence.


Leçon 12  Learning Targets     La voiture de Roger

   1.  I can describe  objects using the appropriate forms of colors.

   2.  I can describe people and objects with the appropriate forms  of the adjectives that come before the noun.

   3.   I can correctly use the expressions il est (elle est) before a noun and c’est before an adjective.

   4.  I can express opinions by using the phrasesc’est and  ce n’est pas with and adjective.

Leçon 13  Learning Targets     Le français pratique:   La ville et la maison

     1.  I can talk about where I live.

     2.  I can identify places in my hometown.

    3.  I can ask for and give directions.

    4.  I can describe my home.


Leçon 14  Learning Targets     Week-end à Paris

   1.  I can talk about where I am going using the verb aller

        and the appropriate definite article.

   2.  I can talk about going to someone’s house using the

        preposition chez.

   3.  I can talk about future plans using the construction

        aller + an infinitive.

Leçon 15  Learning Targets     Au Café de l’Univers

   1.  I can say who is coming using the verb venir.

   2.  I can talk about where people are coming from using

        the verb venir + de and the definite article.

   3.  I can talk about what sports and/or instruments I play

        using jouer à or jouer de.

     4.  I can refer to people using the appropriate stress pronouns.

    5.  I can describe people using the construction

        nom + de + nom

Leçon 16  Learning Targets     Mes voisins

   1.  I can talk about possessions using de.

   2.  I can talk about possessions using possessive adjectives.

   3.   I can use ordinal numbers to indicate sequence.