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Woodbury French: Français 7

Daily Classwork and Assignments

vendredi, le 15 juin
We reviewed for the Leçon 8 quiz with Quizlet Live. 
Students made a note card and then took the quiz.
jeudi, le 14 juin
Students worked on completing and correcting their worksheets to prepare for the Leçon 8 quiz which is tomorrow.
Know your interrogative words and the verb faire!

Team Maple was at their Field Day - quiz for their team is also tomorrow.
mercredi, le 13 juin
1. The outline for our last quiz on Leçon 8 was put on the board. Quiz is Friday!
2. Students worked on their pink and yellow packets and corrected with the keys when finished.
3. If not finished they are for homework AND Team MAPLE needs to have them finished and corrected before school starts tomorrow.
4. Quiz is on Friday - use Quizlet to study! Finish strong!
mardi, le 12 juin   LES JEUX OLYMPIQUES
lundi, le 11 juin
1. The homework was corrected and discussed.
2. We did additional practices on translations and the verb faire.
3. If you did not do well on any of the sheets do some QUIZLET sets to practice and improve. QUIZ coming soon!!
vendredi, le 8 juin
1. We looked another note sheet on how to form/make questions and did a practice sheet. We put the answers on the
board and corrected them.
2. Students used Quizlet for practicing the questions and the new verb faire.
3. Homework - the white practice sheet and do more Quizlet practices.
jeudi, le 7 juin
1.  We reviewed our notes on forming questions and looked over an additional note sheet.
2.  We took notes on our last verb of the year - FAIRE, another irregular one!
3.  We used our flashcards to practice forming questions in different ways.
4.  Homework - use Quizlet to practice both the verb faire and the Question/Interrogative words
mercredi, le 6 juin
1. The WSQ video note sheets were checked, discussed and questions were answered.
2. Students took a "notes" quiz. This is to be completed for homework - rewatch the videos if necessary.
3. Students made their flash cards for this last lesson on making/forming questions in French.
mardi, le 5 juin
1.  We finished watching the movie about Joan of Arc and corrected our packet answers.
2.  We received materials for our last chapter!  Leçon 8!
lundi, le 4 juin
We continued watching the movie about Joan of Arc, filling out our packet as we watched.
vendredi, le premier juin!
We continued watching the movie about Joan of Arc, filling out our packet as we watched.
jeudi, le 31 mai
We continued watching the movie about Joan of Arc, filling out our packet as we watched.
mercredi, le 30 mai
We continued watching the movie about Joan of Arc, filling out our packet as we watched.
mardi, le 29 mai
1.  Leçon 7 quizzes were returned and reviewed.
2.  The background info on Joan of Arc was introduced and we started the movie.
lundi, le 28 mai   No school - Memorial Day
vendredi, le 25 mai
1. We reviewed before our Leçon 7 quiz and then took the quiz.
2. We finished out the week by doing a Kahoot and a Quizlet LIVE session.
jeudi, le 24 mai
1. The Seesaw ER verb project was checked in.
2. We went over the white translation sheet that was for homework.
3. We did the Leçon 7 blue Listening Comp sheet.
4. We played a new ER verb conjugation game for practice.
5. Homework - PREPARE for tomorrow's LEÇON 7 QUIZ! Do some QUIZLET sets
mercredi, le 23 mai
1. We went over the homework - the white translation sheet.
2. We did Quizlet LIVE for practice
3. Also there is a video posted in a previous post on how to do an album on Seesaw with a max of 10 pics.
4. Due also your Seesaw ER verb project and don't forget to STUDY on QUIZLET for Friday's Leçon 7 quiz.
mardi, le 22 mai
1. Students corrected their pink an yellow review packets and any questions were answered.
2. We looked over the puzzle and answered #7 and #20 which were not obvious.
3. Reminder - Leçon 7 quiz will be on Friday and we went over the outline again. USE QUIZLET!
4. We reviewed the concept of a conjugated verb followed by an infinitive.
5. We did a translation practice sheet and put the answers on the board.
lundi, le 21 mai Mme Peters was absent
1. Students worked on their pink and yellow review packets and the pink puzzle.
2. Keep using Quizlet to prepare for Leçon 7 quiz at the end of the week.
vendredi, le 18 mai
1. Students received their quizzes back from Wednesday and we went over their mistakes.
2. The subwork was checked for points.
3. The next project - Seesaw ER verb descriptions was explained. It's due on or before Thurs., May 24th
4. Keep using Quizlet to study for the Leçon 7 quiz on Wednesday or Thursday.
jeudi, le 17 mai          SUB
Mme Peters was absent and assigned the following:
ex. 2 p. 95                  ex. 5 .97                  ex. 11 p.99                   vocab notes on the 2 boxes on pg. 100             ex. 12 p. 100
mercredi, le 16 mai
1. The homework was checked and students corrected them using the keys.
2. Questions were discussed before the quiz.
3. Students took the ER verb quiz.
4. We played La tapette à mouches (fly swatter game) to practice our verb endings.
5. Homework - continue to use Quizlet for practice
mardi, le 15 mai
1. We went over the verb homework sheet.
2. We filled in the flower worksheet and then corrected it.
3. Homework - do the white practice sheet to prepare for tomorrow's quiz on conjugating ER verbs!
lundi, le 14 mai
1. We went over the quizzes from Friday.
2. We practice extensively with our verb flashcards.
3. We took notes on a more artistic way to conjugate ER verbs.
4. Homework - the white Quizlet worksheet and STUDY using Quizlet.
vendredi, le 11 mai
1. Students did some reviewing with their WSQ sheets on conjugating ER verbs. I asked questions after this.
2. We then take a short quiz on the definitions and basic ideas of how to conjugate ER verbs.
3. Next, students used their flashcards to review definitions/terms and to practicing conjugating ER verbs.
jeudi, le 10 mai
1. WSQ sheets were checked and discussed with partners. Students asked questions for clarification.
2. Mme P explained the regular and irregular verb groups and then took us through conjugating ER verbs!
Make sure you understand the definitions - infinitive, stem, endings, conjugations etc.
3. We made flash cards so we can start practicing conjugating ER verbs.
4. Homework - watch my video if you haven't already and do some Quizlet sets for practice.
mercredi, le 9 mai
Due to students not doing their homework - watching the videos and doing a detailed WSQ sheet, students were required 
to complete the assignment in class. The others worked on Quizlet sets for Leçon 7. Be prepared for a quiz on the material tomorrow.
mardi, le 8 mai       A NORMAL DAY  -  NO TEAM MISSING -  NO TESTING!!!!
1. We did the blue listening comp sheet to prepare for today's Leçon 6 quiz.
2. Homework - from yesterday's post - Watch the 2 videos on CONJUGATING -ER verbs and do a detailed WSQ sheet.
Which of the videos did you like better? mine or the other teacher's?
lundi, le 7 mai Missing Team Oak today and we are done with NH SAS testing!!!!
1. Students prepared for tomorrow's Leçon 6 quiz using the assignment sheet from last week.
2. Don't forget to do some Quizlet sets to help you practice.
vendredi, le 4 mai Missing Team Beech and Maple today for NH SAS testing
Students worked on their assignments and corrected each part as they finished. Don't forget that Leçon 6 quiz will be on Tuesday, May 8th.
jeudi, le 3 mai Missing Team Oak and Maple today for NH SAS testing
Students worked on their assignments and corrected each part as they finished.
mercredi, le 2 mai Missing Team Beech, Team Oak and Team Maple for NH SAS testing 
1. For Team Maple, the assignment for over the next few days was explained. The assignment document is attached below.
2. Students worked on their materials in preparation for Tuesday's Leçon 6 Quiz. Don't forget to use Quizlet sets for practice.
mardi, le premier mai
Missing Team Beech (period 9) and Team Maple (period 10) for testing today
Students worked on their pink and yellow review sheets and written exercises in the book.
Please refer to the schedule and work attached below.
lundi, le 30 avril
1.  Verb Quizzes from before vacation were returned and the answers were discussed.
2.  The NH SAS testing scheduled was posted and students were made aware of what days they will be missing French class.
3.  Students worked on a translation sheet.
vendredi, le 20 avril
1. Seesaw Telephone Orals were due today!
2. We reviewed être with our Flashcards, then with a partner and then took the être quiz.
3. We played Quizlet Live!
4. Homework - keep practicing using Quizlet! 
Bonnes Vacances!
jeudi, le 19 avril
1. We did some category work on the board with our vocab and verbs.
2. We put the answers on the board for our homework translations and corrected them.
3. We played FILEZ again to practice the verb être and then corrected our answers.
4. The remainder of the period was used to practice/record the Seesaw Telephone orals.
5. Homework - a short quiz on the forms of être! Use Quizlet!
mercredi, le 18 avril
1. We took notes on pages 85, 87 and 89.
2. We practiced conjugating être with our flash cards.
3. We started a translation sheet and that is to be finished for homework!
4. Students then had time to work on their Seesaw Phone Conversation which is due Friday!
mardi, le 17 avril
1. We went over the answers to the être worksheet and then translated the sentences into English.
2. We did a sorting activity using the 5 categories - nouns/pronouns, verbs, places, useful words, answers to yes/no ??.
3. We played a new game FILEZ! (Scoot) to practice conjugating the verb être really quickly!! 
4. Homework - don't forget your Seesaw telephone conversation due by Friday and practice être on Quizlet!
lundi, le 16 avril
1. Students picked up their new materials for Leçon 6.
2. We sent over the Seesaw project (A Telephone Conversation) that is due on or before Thursday.
3. We used our flashcards to practice the verb être.
4. We started a practice sheet on être.
5. Homework - Finish the white practice sheet, do some Quizlet sets for Leçon 6 and start your Seesaw Phone project.
The rubric is attached on Google Classroom.
vendredi, le 13 avril
We made our flashcards (subject pronouns, negatives, and être) for Leçon 6.
We practiced conjugating the verb être and remembering what color each group was.
jeudi, le 12 avril
1. We finished our purple video sheets.
2. We did a practice making phone calls to friends and asking them to do something with us.
This will be a grade to be recorded and submitted on Seesaw.
3. The WSQ sheet on the verb être was checked and discussed in groups.
4. We started making our flashcards for conjugating the verb être.
mercredi, le 11 avril Delayed Opening and 7th grade Band Rehearsal Schedule and 8th grade SAS testing!!!!
1. Students received their Leçon 5 quizzes back from yesterday.
2. We did the purple video sheets with some oral pair practice.
3. Homework - Watch the video lesson posted yesterday and do a WSQ sheet. Take good notes and re-watch . Also listen to the song posted as well.
mardi, le 10 avril
We took Leçon 5 Quiz.
Some students then left to attend the Writer's Workshop with our visiting author April Henry.
Students then worked on the WSQ sheet for the new concept in our next chapter - Leçon 6   -   the verb être
The video for the WSQ sheet and the song are posted in separate posts below.
lundi, le 9 avril
We went corrected the yellow and pink review packets with the keys and did the blue Listening Comp packet.
Tomorrow is the Leçon 5 quiz.

What is French 7 all about?

In French 7 we use many different things to help us learn French.  We watch flipped videos and do WSQ sheets as we watch them.  We use Edmodo and Google Classroom to view these videos, to find out what our assignments are, to communicate with Mme Peters and each other, to submit our work and to take online quizzes just to name a few!  We use Quizlet to practice and play games on. New this year we have an online text called Voces that we will use for all kinds of practice to improve our French.  

Here are the links for the sites we use most:

French 7 Learning Targets

Unité 1    Leçons 1 et 2     Learning Targets 

  1.  I can greet people properly and say where I am from.

      2.  I can state my nationality and ask someone their nationality.

      3.  I can introduce friends and relatives.

      4.  I can give my age and ask other people how old they are.

5.  I can ask people how they feel and reply to them.

      6. I can understand and use numbers up to 100.


 Unité 2      Leçons 3 et 4      Learning Targets   

  1.  I can order snacks and beverages in a café.
  1.  I can ask about prices and pay for my food/drink.
  1.  I can use French money.
  1.  I can tell time.
  1.  I can give the date and the day of the week.
  1.  I can talk about the weather.


Unité  3    Learning Targets

Leçon 5   Learning Targets       Mes activités

      1.     I can say what I like and do not like to do.

      2.   I can invite friends to do things with me.

      3.   I can politely accept an invitation or turn down

an invitation with an excuse.

4.  I can express wishes.


Leçon 6 Learning Targets   Une invitation   

      1.  I can ask and answer simple yes and no questions.

  1.  I can identify people and say where they are.
  1.  I can express negation.

 Leçon 7 Learning Targets   Une boum

      1.   I can describe what one person is doing.

  1.  I can describe what several people are doing.
  1.  I can describe what people do and don’t do.
  1.  I can talk about what people like and don’t like to do.

Leçon 8 Learning Targets  Un concert de musique africaine                                                       

      1.   I can ask for information.

  1.  I can ask and answer “who” and “what” questions.
  1.  I can describe what people are doing.
  1.  I can ask questions using the inversion method.