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K-12 Performing Arts Strategic Plan

Philosophy and Core Beliefs

K-12 Performing Arts 


Performing Arts education is an integral part of the academic, artistic, emotional, and social development of our students here in Salem.  As arts educators, we aim to provide our students with opportunities to express themselves both individually and collectively through the participation and performance in the arts.  Students will take part in reflective and analytical practices, which provide greater insight into historical, cultural, and individual perspectives.  In addition to this, our students will develop strong, interpersonal relationships with each other and within the development of themselves, preparing them to be empathetic and tolerant participants in society.  Participation and performance in the arts provide a means of developing one’s self and an appreciation of becoming more interconnected within the society in which we live.  

Students that participate in the Performing Arts program in the Salem School District will be provided a well-rounded and comprehensive education that is filled with high quality and rigorous learning experiences in a safe environment to create and innovate, challenge themselves and take risks, and be self-expressive while also becoming literate musicians and theatrical artists.  The curriculum is vertically aligned and integrated with the National Core Arts Standards and the NH State Core Arts Competencies.  Students will be assessed based on their individual demonstration of skills at the appropriate level.  We are confident that our students will be given the tools necessary to develop as artists, as collaborators and as young adults whom will contribute as sophisticated, versatile, and creative purveyors and participants in our greater society.  Our graduates will embrace the life skills necessary to be confident and tolerant collaborators in all aspects of their lives.