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Seifert Performing Arts Center

K-12 Performing Arts: SHS


The NH Arts Model Competencies serve as the base of our work in the Salem School District Performing Arts department. The four artistic processes of Creating, Performing/Presenting, Responding, and Connecting serve as competency areas for our instruction at Woodbury and SHS. In some courses, the Connecting competency is addressed through work in the other three competency areas. In addition to these four major competency areas we also expect each student to build basic musicianship skills and literacy. 

In tandem with the NH Arts Model Competencies, the study of performing and visual arts are interconnected with social-emotional learning. The document below outlines the connection between our four NH Arts Model Competencies of Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting, and 19 individual social-emotional learning competencies organized by the 5 CASEL Core Competencies. 

This document aims to show the intricate and inextricable connection between social-emotional learning and performing arts education. We are proud to provide opportunities in our K-12 Performing Arts Department for students to learn and build their artistic skills while also building and maintaining SEL competencies.