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Homelessness Fall 2016: Home

Poverty and Homelessness Notes


Median Household Income 

  • average household median income in 2015 was $55,775
  • Maryland (2013) had the highest household median income at $75,847
  • New Hampshire  ranked # 7 at $70,303
  • Mississippi ranked the poorest (# 50) at $40,593

Median Household Income by Race

  • African Americans: $36,989
  • Hispanic $ 45,148
  • White : $62,950
  • Asian American : $ 77,166

Looking at the Poverty Rate 

  • 47.7 million at the poverty line
  • poverty rate for a family of 4 in 2012 was $ 24,250
  • this is a weak measurement  because it doesn't factor in the degree of hardship

Hardships and Poverty

  • access to healthcare- many have no health insurance or restrictive
  • adequate food- healthy food or access to food banks


  • a child under the age of 18 living with at least one parent or caretaker in a shelter, motel, car or campground and it does not include runaways 
  • hidden homeless: those who are out of sight staying with family or friend, "couch surfers"
  • marginally homeless: those who spend 70% of income on housing


Sports Illustrated Young, Gifted Homeless

Watch this video and take notes on the topic 

Covenant House

Directions  click on the link below :

1. Read and take notes on the landing page.

2. click on living wage- read and take notes 

3. Click on our kids- select three children's stories to read - take notes as well 

The Need

Directions :

1. Read and take notes from the landing page.

2. Click on General Information- read and take notes.

3. Click on stories - read and take notes.