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Macbeth Background Research: 1) Globe Theater

Your goal

Your presentation should provide the class with detailed information about the Globe Theater that was in existence during Shakespeare's life.  Include details on the seating, attendees, structure, entertainment at the theater and how plays were advertised.  

Questions to guide your research and presentation.

For your presentation you can either draw a cross-section of the Globe Theater or use the one available on our image database.

Globe Theater App

Explore the Globe Theater on your iPhone or iPad with the app.  Search "Shakespeare's Globe 360" in iTunes.  

Globe Theater Fact Sheets

MLA Citation for PDF Fact Sheets

Globe Education. Title of Fact Sheet. The Shakespeare Globe Trust, Year found at bottom of the fact sheet, URL for fact sheet.

Currency Converter

Database Articles

The links below take you directly to articles or videos in the SHS databases so you may need to enter the username/password to view.   

Remember to copy and paste or export the MLA citations found in the article toolbar to NoodleTools as you gather information.    

Credible Websites