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Sociology Blogs : Spring 2017: Home

Directions: How to create a blog

Blogging Suggestions

First Post:

Blogging is a creative and engaging way to express. Your topic for you first post is very simple... " Tell me about who you are".  I am your target audience ... what do you think I would want to know?  Your opening line needs to grab the reader's attention and FYI, I am your reader.  Organize your thoughts and let  the creative flow begin.  Be prepared, not only did you create your digital portfolio today but throughout the semester will be blogging about a variety of topics.

Color, Images, quotes when use correctly always enhances a blog post.  

What needs to be typed on each page

COPY and PASTE the following descriptions on the designated pages you created on your blog.


Reading Competency: Students will demonstrate the ability to comprehend, analyze and critique a variety of increasingly complex print and non-print primary and secondary sources related to sociology.

Writing Competency: Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively write informative texts to examine and convey complex ideas for a variety of purposes and audiences as they relate to sociology.

Research Competency:  Students will engage in research/inquiry to investigate topics relating to sociology and analyze , integrate adn present this information.

Listening and Speaking Competency:  Students will demonstrate the ability to listen and view critically for a variety of purposes. 


Submit Blog

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