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Senior Bookmarks: Class of 2019

Ashley Habenicht

Breaking Away

Jason Brito


Noah Bourassa

Under the Sea

Jackson Cain


Tyler Pratt


Bryan Trudell


Emma Bailey

"Books I made Ms. Hopkins buy."

Mackenzie Svenson

"Living happily ever after in a castle"

Hallie White

"Books by my favorite author."

Molly Goodnow

Childhood Favorites

Amaya Adams

"Current Events and Favorite Authors"

Allison Tiller

"Finding yourself and making your own path."

Michael Martland

"When we leave our world to explore our possibility, in hopes to merge the worlds to innovation"

Katie Arcidiacono

Feminism: Females in History & Strong Female Leads

Brian Lugli

"Sometimes you can have everything you want but for some reason still be miserable."