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​​​​​Be prepared for class:

When you enter the classroom, take out the necessary materials you will need for class. Example: folder, chromebook, pencil, homework. Put away your phone and be ready for the teacher to begin. Not doing this wastes your class time and distracts you from listening to the teacher’s initial instructions. Think: AM I READY FOR CLASS TO BEGIN?

Fill out agenda book and complete work outside of school:

Every teacher either begins or ends class reviewing the homework or upcoming assignments/tests. If there is homework that night, immediately write down the assignment and the due date.

When you go home you then need to set aside a time to do this work. Whether it is completing a Math packet, working on Global Studies questions, completing a reading or writing assignment for English, or working on a lab for Science. Work NEEDS to be done at home. Aside from work, review of materials/ studying, should occur nightly before a test is going to occur.  You SHOULD be spending at least one hour a night focusing on school work. Some nights may be more, some may be less.

Be respectful in class:

When in the classroom, your phone should be put away and your focus should be on the teacher and the work in front of you. Conversations with friends need to occur in the hallway in between classes or at lunch. Food should be eaten in the lunchroom. Snacks and drinks are allowed but if they become a distraction and are your focus instead of the work, they will need to be put away. Remember: Masks should be warn at all times, unless sitting at your desk behind your shield. 

Seek help when needed:

All of your teachers are here to help you. However, you need to ask for this help when you are confused or need some extra support. Emailing teachers after school is always an option to set up a time to receive extra help or just ask a clarifying question. Help is available before or after school when needed.