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Health & Wellness: Grade 6


Personal Health and Lifestyle

Mental Health

Digital Citizenship

Program Overview

In the grade 6 Health program students learn the basics about mental health, digital citizenship, personal hygiene, nutrition and wellness, and how food and activity choices impact overall health.   

6th Grade Curriculum

Grade 6 Summary

Topic 1:  Personal Hygiene

    Essential Question:  Students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health.

    Learning Targets:

  • I can explain the importance of hand washing, bathing, clean clothing, and clean hair. (1)
  • I can demonstrate effective oral care and effective hand washing. (1)
  • I can identify the benefits of regular dental check-ups. (1)
  • I can explain the importance of using sunscreen and wearing protective clothing.  (1)

Topic 2:  Nutrition

     Essential Question:  How can I analyze the influence of family, peers, culture, media and technology on personal nutrition behaviors?

     Learning Targets:

  • I  can describe the benefits of healthful eating including the five food groups and drinking water. (1)

  • I can demonstrate how to effectively use MyPlate. (1)

  • I can demonstrate how to select variety and proper proportions of food (2)

  • I can determine strategies for overcoming barriers to healthful eating. (2)

  • I can examine how my family influences my health in terms of nutrition. (2)

  • I can describe how peers can influence my healthy and unhealthy nutrition behaviors. (2)

  • I can explain the influence of personal values and beliefs on my nutrition practices and behaviors. (2)

Topic 3:  Mental Health

    Essential Question: How can I identify the skills needed to advocate for personal, family, and community mental health?

    Learning Targets:

  • I can identify behaviors and symptoms of stress, depression.. (8)

  • I can assess stressors and identify coping strategies to reduce stress. (8)

  • I can identify my personal assets and strengths to develop a positive self image. (8)

  • I can express needs, wants, and feelings appropriately. (8)

  • I can identify positive ways to express emotions. (8)

  • I can identify ways to manage and reduce anger and conflict. (8) 

Topic 4:  Digital Citizenship

    Essential Question: How can I find balance in a digital world and demonstrate responsible media use.

    Learning Targets:

  • I can demonstrate healthy habits when using technology. (3)

  • I can assess message cues to identify examples of online phishing.  (3)

  • I can debate the benefits and drawbacks of having multiple social media accounts. (3)

  • I can identify what information is safe to share with different online friends. (3)

  • I can identify de-escalation strategies for dealing with digital drama. (3)

  • I can reflect on how digital drama can affect not only oneself but also those around us. (3)