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Health & Wellness: Grade 7

Grade 7

Welcome to Health!

Below are google slide shows, worksheets, videos and information packets on our seventh grade Health topics.  We build on each of these topics in health and wellness throughout 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.  


STI Prevention

Goal Setting


Decision Making
Mental Health

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Lessons

DC 1- Media Balance & Well-Being

Media Balance & Wellbeing Slides

DC 2- Privacy and Security

Big Big Data Slides

DC 3- Digital Footprint and Identity

Digital Footprint and Identity Slides

Choose A Host Handout-PDF

Choose A Host Worksheet-Google Drive

DC 4- Relationships and Communication

Relationships & Communication Slides

DC 5- Cyberbullying & Digital Drama

Cyberbullying & Digital Drama Slides

Upstanders and Bystanders Worksheet- Google Drive


7th Grade Curriculum

Grade 7 Summary

Topic 1:  Relationships/ Communication

      Essential Question: How can I demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance my health and reduce health                                                risks?

      Learning Targets:

  • I can demonstrate ways to communicate respect for self and others. (4
  •  can demonstrate skills for effective speaking. (4) 
  • I can demonstrate effective listening skills.  (4)
  • I can identify characteristics of nonverbal communication  (4)
  • I can identify appropriate ways to end relationships. (4 )

Topic 2:  Puberty/STI Prevention

      Essential Question:   How can I protect myself from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections?

      Learning Targets:

  • I can assess how to make a personal commitment to abstain from sexual intercourse. (5)

  • I can demonstrate how to refuse unwanted or unprotected sex.  (4)

  • I can identify the risks of unintended pregnancy and disease with unprotected sexual intercourse. (5 ) 

  • I can identify the common routes of transmission of HIV and other STD’s. (5)

  • I can identify effective prevention strategies-abstinence is the most effective.  (5)

Topic 3:  Mental Health

     Essential Question: How can I demonstrate the ability to set goals for personal, family, and community mental health?

     Learning Targets:

  • I can describe behaviors and symptoms of stress, depression, and signs of suicide. (6) 

  • I can analyze stressors and identify coping strategies to reduce stress. (6)

  • I can assess personal assets and strengths to develop and maintain a positive self image. (6)

  • I can express needs, wants, and feelings appropriately. (6)

  • I can demonstrate positive ways to express emotions. (6)

  • I can demonstrate ways to manage and reduce anger and conflict. (6)

Topic 4   Digital Citizenship

      Essential Question:  How can I demonstrate responsible, respectful, and safe media use.

      Learning Targets:

  • I can create personal guidelines to promote healthy media balance. (3)

  • I can analyze how certain types of data are used by companies and identify strategies to limit data collection.  (3)

  • I can analyze how different parts of their digital footprint can lead others to draw conclusions-both positive and negative-about who they are. (3)

  • I can demonstrate qualities of a positive digital footprint.  (3)

  • I can demonstrate knowledge of district and common sense rules when using technology.(3)

  • I can identify cyberbullying situations and demonstrate strategies to deal with situations that might arise. (3)

  • I can demonstrate qualities of an upstander (3)