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Health & Wellness: Grade 8

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco


Career Exploration

8th Grade Curriculum

Grade 8 Summary

Topic 1:  Tobacco/Vaping, Drugs and Alcohol

      Essential Question:  

        How can I demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and avoid or reduce health risks. (7)

        How can I communicate how to make positive choices when it comes to drugs, alcohol, tobacco and vaping? (4)

        How can I advocate for my peers not to engage in underage drinking? (8)

      Learning Targets:

  • I can explain the risks of dependence and addiction.  (8)
  • I can describe the physical, social and emotional effects of AOD. (8)
  • I can describe the effects of inhalants on the body. (7)
  • I can explain the effects of marijuana use. (7,4)
  • I can identify the positive and negative influences on AOD use. (8, 4, 7)
  • I can demonstrate refusal skills and communicate healthful choices about AOD use. (4)

Topic 2:  Career Exploration

Topic 3:  Digital Citizenship

      Essential Question: How can I demonstrate responsible, respectful and safe media use while protecting my personal digital footprint?

      Learning Targets:

  • I can reflect on how digital media is designed to either help or hinder my media choices. (3)

  • I can explain strategies for protecting my privacy, including opting out of specific features and analyzing app or website privacy policies. (3)

  • I can demonstrate ways to make the most of social media while still caring for the digital footprint of myself and others. (3)

  • I can identify the risks and potential consequences of sexting. (3)

  • I can demonstrate specific actions to positively affect a situation involving hate speech.  (3)




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