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Mrs. Cusack's Science Website: CP Earth and Space Science

Contact Information

Michele Cusack

603-893-7069 x 5174

Homework- Blue Day

list of supplies needed: 

Binder (with dividers, paper)



Scientific Calculator  

Please refer to Google Classroom for future updates!


Homework- White Day

list of supplies needed: 

Binder (with dividers, paper)



Scientific Calculator  

Please refer to Google Classroom for future updates!


Google Classroom Codes

Students please find the correct code for your class and join Google classroom by Friday, September 6th 

CP Earth and Space Block 1 Blue : rkq4xof

CP Earth and Space Block 1 White: p1uoco6

CP Earth and Space Block 2 Blue: j3cwsm

CP Earth and Space Block 3 Blue: 4uxxf2

Honors Earth and Space Block 3 White: 81uit5

1. Log into your Salem Google Account 

2. Click on Google Classroom 

3. Find your specific class code above

4. Join Google Classroom 


Current Unit of Study

Current Unit of Study will appear in Blue Devil Blue!

Unit 1: The Big Bang

Students will analyze the development of the universe, including spectral shifts of stars,  galaxies, cosmic background radiation as a remnant of the Big Bang Theory, and the composition of matter in the universe. With respect to the composition of matter, interstellar gases, nebulae, elements, and phase changes are considered.

Unit 2: Planetary Motion

The unit on motion and planetary orbital motion analyzes Kepler’s three laws as well as Newton’s Laws of gravitational motion with respect to the solar system. This study will also include orbital speed and acceleration of both natural and man made satellites.

Unit 3: Star Formation

This unit contemplates the formation of stars, including nuclear fusion. The chemistry of stars will be discussed as an introduction to the Periodic Table.

Unit 4: The Dynamic Earth

Students will investigate the evolution of Earth as well as the processes operating on and below Earth's surface. This unit will provide students with the opportunity to explore topics such as the geologic origins of landscape features, earth structures, earth materials, and occurrences of natural resources and our utilization those natural resources.

Unit 5: Water

This unit has students explore the physical and chemical properties of water. Students will investigate the phase changes of water, hydrologic cycle, the movement of water and how the moving water shapes the Earth’s surface. This unit will culminate with a detailed explanation of the Earth’s atmosphere and weather. Students will also discover some of the natural and human hazards associated with water on Earth including water quality and air quality.

Unit 6: The Changing Climate

Students will analyze the evolution of the Earth’s climate, its current climate, and predicted climate. Emphasis will be placed on how the climate has changed by natural and human causes. Topics will include temperature and precipitation patterns, greenhouse gases, greenhouse effect, feedbacks and hazards associated with climate.

Important Dates!

Please refer to Google Classroom for future updates!

Retake Guidelines


Tests returned 

Meeting, revisions, and specific questions MUST be completed by 

Retest after school 

Assessment Retake Guidelines:

Our goal at Salem High School is for all students to acquire skills and content knowledge preparing them for success in their post-secondary careers. We recognize that each student learns in their own unique way and at their own pace. The guidelines below are for those who may need multiple opportunities to demonstrate what they know.

The retake guidelines are based on teacher discretion.

  • Students have the opportunity to retake unit tests and resubmit certain assessments that measure student competency.  
  • If you are caught cheating on part or all of a summative assessment you will not be eligible for a retake.
  • Students who refuse to take the original test or who purposefully take a test randomly are not eligible to retest.
  • Students who do not fully complete review packets, formative assessments, or materials designed to prepare them for each summative assessment may forfeit their opportunity to retake that particular assessment.
  • The student must meet with the teacher within 5 school days (or based on teacher discretion) of receiving feedback on an assessment to review and develop a plan to prepare for the retake. The student must meet with their teacher before or after school based on teacher availability.
  • Alternative versions of the assessment may be given.
  • Retakes do not include midterm and final exams.
  • The grade earned on the retake will replace the original grade on the assessment.