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Talbott - Galileo Research Project: Project Overview

Assignment Overview

Galileo Wanted Poster - Summative Assessment (100 points)

How did Galileo’s challenge against the church lead to a change in World History?

Topic:  What comes to mind when you hear the word outlaw? What would make someone an outlaw? Upon the completion of his highly controversial book Dialogue, Galileo became a wanted man of the Catholic Church.

Assignment: Create an outlaw poster using Smore. As a leader of the Catholic Church you are looking to arrest Galileo Galilee for speaking out against the traditional teachings of the church. 

The Outlaw Poster MUST include the following information:

  1. Actions (3) that Galileo is accused of that violate the beliefs of the church
  2. Explain in detail one of the 3 crimes that Galileo is accused of
  3. Include at least 1 quote from Galileo that defends his point of view
  4. Statement that clearly identifies the church's stance on Galileo’s book/theories
  5. Illustrations that represent Galileo and the crimes he is accused of committing
  6. Effectively integrates content from primary source documents

Requirements of the Poster:

  1. All work is to be neatly written. The written component must be in the student’s “own words”. When using quotes, please use quotation marks and provide evidence to who is speaking (for example: According to Galileo, “…”).
  2. All visuals MUST come from Britannica Image Quest and be properly cited.
  3. A Works Cited must be completed and submitted via Google Classroom


  1. Class notes
  2. Reading on Galileo and the Church
  3. Additional Galileo Readings
  4. Completed Galileo Graphic Organizer (Formative)

Works Cited for Images

You are required to complete a Works Cited for all images included in your poster.

  • There will be a separate assignment in Google Classroom for submitting your MLA Works Cited page which Mrs. Hopkins will grade.
  • The Works Cited assignment  is 20 points in the Summative Writing Category.
  • Please remember all images should come from the Britannica Image Quest Database.
  • You are encouraged to use NoodleTools to create your Works Cited.
  • See Mrs. Hopkins with any questions.

Smore Classroom Code

Please note:

  • you will receive a new smore classroom code for this project
  • you must submit a completed graphic organizer to Mrs. Talbott before you can get the new code