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Talbott - World War I Project: Getting Started

Honor's WWI Project

Start Here

Welcome to World War I.

This is a time of great change in Europe and the world.

We have examined the causes of this war and now it is your turn to do some research into the countries involved in this conflict.


Tuesday April 3rd - Choose partner(s)

Wednesday April 4th - Meet in the library to begin research

Thursday April 5th - Meet in the library to complete research

Friday April 6th - Begin working on compiling research and creating project

Monday April 9th - Continue working on project

Tuesday April 10th - Finish working on project - due Wednesday April 11th at the start of class.

What's here...

Resources to get you good information (and MLA citations!):

  • Biography in Context - your go-to source for finding information on a person
  • World at War - a good place to start for information on conflicts
  • World History in Context - a general database for topics covered in Global Studies
  • Historical Newspapers - this gives you access to five newspapers, it is fascinating but it can be tricky to use!

If you have questions about the academic databases or can't seem to find what you need see or email Ms. Hopkins.

Important Documents

All of the documents handed out in class are linked here in case you misplace yours.