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Welcome to SHS!: Q & A

Your Questions Answered

Q: Will I get a locker? 

A: Lockers will be available upon request. However, most textbooks are left in the classroom and a lot of work that is done outside the classroom is completed electronically. 

Q: Can I stay after school if I need extra help?

A: Of course...if you need extra help there are a couple of options. The content teacher would be the first person to reach out to. All teachers will make themselves available before/after school. You will need to speak to your teacher and make an appointment. In addition, we have peer tutoring in the library every Tuesday/Thursday in the school library. If you attend peer tutoring, you will be connected with an upperclassman that will help you with your homework, study for a test, or teach you different techniques to help you study. 

Q: How much homework will I get?

A: Each course will vary but expect to have homework every night. 

Q: What if need help? 

A: There are plenty of resources for you at the high school.  If you need help with anything you could speak to any adult you feel comfortable with.  In addition, Dean Barry's office and the school counseling office will also be good resources if you need help. 

Q: Where do I go in the morning?

A: There is not a designated spot you need to go when you arrive to school in the morning. You are free to go wherever you need.  Most students congregate in these areas: cafeteria, PAC lobby, marketing cafe, and the commons.

Q: When is my lunch? 

A: There are four lunches: A, B, C, D.  Your lunch is determined based on where your block 3 class is located. Lunches will be a mix of students from all grade levels.  Additionally, because of the every other day schedule (blue day and white day), you may have a different block 3 class each day and therefore a different lunch.