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Student Services: Special Education

About Student Services

Special education services are provided to students ages 3-21 who have been determined to be educationally disabled and to require specialized instruction.

The special education process is designed to enable parents of students with educational disabilities and the School District to work together to ensure that each child is provided an appropriate education. The Salem School district believes that parents are an important part of this process and are encouraged to take an active role. The Special Education Team is the foundation of the special education process and is comprised of educational professionals and parents. A Special Education Team may vary in size and membership depending upon the task to be completed, but its basic composition is established by state/federal regulations and depends upon the individual needs of a student. Typically, a Team might include the classroom teacher, the parents, a special educator, related service providers and an administrator. The Special Education Team reviews referrals, plans diagnostic evaluations, determines if students are eligible for special education, writes IEPs and makes placement recommendations. No one person may make a decision regarding a child's special education evaluation, identification, program, or placement.

Contact Information

The Student Services Department administrative offices are located at 38 Geremonty Drive Salem, NH 603-893-7040.

Student Services Director
Timothy Koumrian

Preschool Coordinator 
Allison Plante

Elementary Coordinator
Stacey Eaton  

Middle School Coordinator
Susanne Mathers

High School Coordinator 
Kathryn Rawl

Out of District/Special Programs Coordinator
Kathleen Courtois