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Alison Kessler's Classroom: Homework



Students are expected to read for 30 minutes each night during the week. Students may choose whatever book strikes their interest! Getting in the habit of reading for a thirty minute period of time encourages the lifelong habit of reading. 

Students will often have a math homework practice paper relevant to concepts learned about and built upon in our classroom earlier that day. Students should not spend more than 30 minutes on math homework! 

Other homework may vary on a nightly basis depending on what we are doing in class. Each student is expected to write down homework in his or her planner at school.

**Planners do not need to be signed. 



Students are expected to find a quote or create a quote to bring in each Monday morning for our weekly "Keep the Quote" community building activity.

Students should have their YELLOW FRIDAY FOLDER self-reflection sheet signed by a parent/guardian and returned by Monday. 

Students are encouraged to read on their own time and may play ST Math on the computer at home for continued math practice. 


*Students earn class money for homework turned in on time.

*Students lose money for homework not turned in on time. If a student is absent and turns in homework on the day he/she comes back to school, that homework is still considered on time. 



Homework is a chance for students to practice and progress in their learning outside of school and should not take up the entire afternoon and evening in 5th grade. 

If your child is spending more than 30 minutes on MATH homework, please write me a note and let me know.

If your child is struggling with certain concepts and unable to complete much of the homework without parent assistance, please write me a note and let me know. This will help me change my instruction to help students that need more support!