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Alison Kessler's Classroom: Curriculum

What Are We Reading?

Our current class read aloud book is :


Small Spaces by Katherine Arden


Currently learning about : 

Nonfiction Reading Skills within Argument/Opinion based texts


Currently learning about : 


Opinion writing 

Word and Language Study

Currently learning about : 

Root Words, Prefixes & Suffixes     

Advanced punctuation usage 



Currently learning about :

Fraction Equivalency & Operations

​**Please see homework helpers sent home with your child as well as parent notes that elaborate on math concepts learned.

Great Minds, the online resource for EUREKA Math, allows parents/guardians to make an online account to continue to help students at home. Create your free account online today! 

Social Studies / Science

Currently learning about : 

Earth Systems

Special Project #2: International Pen Pals

PEN PALS- continuing throughout the year!

Our fifth grade class is partaking in a pen pal exchange with students across the world in rural France as they learn English. As our pen pal friends practice their English through this exchange, we will continue to practice our writing skills while learning about another culture and way of living and thinking across the world.

This exchange ties into our classroom focus on tolerance at Barron and some of our cultural expectations as a school. My hope is that each fifth grader will continue to be exposed to other ways of thinking, living and speaking in our global world by connecting with a student across the world.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this project.