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Mr. Whittle's Global Studies Website: Syllabus and Course Competencies

Global Studies Course Overview

Welcome to Global Studies! This year students will build on their understanding of world geography and civilizations from middle school, studying world history from approximately 1400 to the present, by researching guiding questions such as, “How has the past shaped the world of today?” Making these connections will help students build toward questions like, “How does the past inform our future?” Students will work on improving Social Studies skills such as, interpreting informational texts, map reading and interpretation, research skills, argumentative writing, and the proper use of MLA documentation techniques. By the end of the course, students will be prepared to move on to 10th grade, American Studies I. 

Course Competencies and Grading

Student’s grades will be based off of competencies from the C3 Framework for Social Studies Standards.


  • Change, Continuity, and Context
  • Historical Sources and Evidence 


  • Human-Environment Interaction: Place, Regions, and Culture
  • Global Interconnections: Changing Spatial Patterns 


  • Civic and Political Institutions 
  • Processes, Rules, and Laws 


  • Midterm (Based on teacher discretion) 
  • Final 

Because a students learning happens throughout an entire course, grades for all courses are in-progress until the end of the course.  Grades will be in-progress and open until the final exam.  The course work completed in a semester-long or year-long class will account for 80% of a student’s final grade, with the remaining 20% being the final exam/culminating experience.  Parents and students are able to view in-progress grades daily in Infinite Campus.  Parents will receive regular notifications from Salem High School reminding them to review their child’s progress. The expectation is that grades will be updated by teachers in Infinite Campus weekly.    


Course Syllabus