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Mr. Whittle's Global Studies Website: Class Announcements


Find your class below to review important announcements and reminders concerning our class and SHS. 

Blue Day- Block 3

White Day- Block 3

Helpful Homework Tips!

If struggling with your HW, please try the follow steps.  

1. Review the classwork. This could mean, re-reading the notes from class, a reading, or activity. Doing this may jog your memory on the topic. 

2. Take your time! HW should not be rushed. Re-read the instructions and what you wrote in your agenda book. This may remind you of what you need to accomplish. 

3. Put forth your best effort! All I ask is that your try. 

4. Email Mr. Whittle if you have a specific question. Try to let me know what you're specifically struggling with. 

5. Come see me before school or afterschool for additional help!