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Freshmen Research Seminar: Module Two: Exporting Citations


Module Two Scoring


Module Two = 300 points

A - Bookmark database page

B - Brainstorm Search Terms - 90

C - Classroom Video on Demand - 100

D - Opposing Viewpoints - 60

E - US History in Context - 50

Part A: Library Databases

Head to the SHS Academic Databases page:

Click on the star to bookmark this page.

Part B: Keywords/Search Terms


Brainstorm 3 broad keywords/search terms about your topic.  Write them in the box on your tracking form as shown below.


Part C: Classroom Video on Demand

Part D: Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Part E: US History in Context

On your own!

1) On the database page scroll down to History and select US History in Context

2) Find an article - don't worry if it doesn't seem too related to your topic

3) Add the citation to your seminar NT Project Folder just like you did in Part D